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Tetris Players Have Gone to Plaid

John Candy (as Barf) and Bill Pullman (as Lone Starr) watch the Spaceball One hit Ludicrous Speed and go to plaid. From the movie Spaceballs.

I often think about Tetris. Specifically, every time I see a bagger or cashier attempt to perfectly stack groceries in one of my reusable canvas bags. This is not too far off a comparison, because after commenting to one guy “You must be really good at Tetris,” he told me they actually have competitions for grocery bagging. (Were repeats of that aired on ESPN during High COVID? Surely that happened.)

Anyway, I’ve known about killscreens in video games for a while. Even before watching the documentary which you should all see: King of Kong. But it never occurred to me that Tetris would have one. Apparently it does. And someone’s finally reached it. Holy crap.