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Civil War: Whose Side Are You On? Ours.

So some of you might be wondering what the hell is up with these random “Civil War” banners that have been going up on the site whenever I feel like it. I shall explain.

Marvel Comics‘ latest “event” comic is Civil War, in which a horrific super-villain attack against some dumbass heroes causes some kids to be killed. This, in turn, causes the government to demand that superheroes go legit and register themselves. This in turn causes Captain America and Iron Man to, after decades of working together in the Avengers, to inexplicably activate their pre-nup and split. Captain America says “Hell no,” Iron Man says, “Hell yes,” and the game is apparently on.

Right. I’ve read the first issue. And it’s lame. After how many cities have been levelled in the Marvel Universe and various atrocities committed (and I’m not counting JMS‘ run on the Spidey books), a few city blocks getting destroyed causes this kind of backlash? And all of a sudden, these two heroes split ranks? We’re not talking Batman and Superman here, where the ideological split makes sense. And, moreover, the government is going to put Iron Man in charge of handling things after Tony Stark’s wonderful showing at the UN during House of M? It’s yet another example of Marvel making the characters fit the story they want to tell, instead of being true to the characters. But whatever.

They sent around these two banners for people to put on their websites to show where they stood in the war.

We’re not happy with the two choices, however. So we’ve decided to throw our weight behind…whoever we feel like throwing our weight behind at the time.

Feel free to use these banners on your own sites. Use the code we’ve provided to link them to the sites in question, change the code to link them somewhere else. In a time of Civil War, anarchy and chaos reigns. So create some.

Added 5/10:

Added 5/20:

Added 6/17:

Hell, make your own. Here’s the templates we created:

For the I’M WITH part we use Arial 16 Bold. YMMV. If you do create your own, ping us back here and let us know. We’ll be creating some more and adding them as this horrible miniseries–I’m sorry, I mean war, horrible war–drags on. We all need to know whose side we’re on. Enjoy!

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