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Fixing Matrix Revolutions


Quick Note: I created and posted this as a PDF shortly after I saw the third film. I came up with most of this on the drive home from the cinema, seething and pissed off. Posting it here so it can have a home in a regular HTML format.

Sadly, you have to have seen the third film to understand what I’ve tried to do here. Dialogue is not perfect, nor is everything completely even. Bear in mind I only took about an hour and a half to create this and I wasn’t being paid. So, there you have it. Consider this my treatment for what should have been the third film. Obviously, these characters are copyright somebody else and I don’t own any of this. The concepts within are open source, because frankly I kept all the really cool stuff to myself. As always, if you liked this, thank you and come check out the rest of the site. If you didn’t, I blame society.

The beginning of the film goes pretty much as you saw it.

Then Neo comes to in a white train station. It’s so white that it’s White. We’re not in the Matrix, we’re not in the “real world,” we’re obviously Somewhere Else.

The scene at the train station plays out pretty much as you saw it, except that Rama-Kandra lets slip the fact that this is a way station for worlds. You can’t traverse the worlds without the Train Man. And the Merovingian owns the Train Man. The Train Man hurls Neo into the wall and splinters it. A bit of white light streams in through the cracks in the wall but the Train Man seals it, smirks at Neo and leaves. Neo tries to punch a hole in the wall but almost breaks his hand. The Train Man said he was God there and he meant it. The walls only crumble when he wishes it.

Morpheus, Seraph and Trinity pull off the fight at the Merovingian’s club and rescue Neo. He has the meeting with the Oracle–and the problem with the Oracle not being able to tell Neo anything is again, because she can’t see past a certain choice that she doesn’t understand. When Neo comes back to the Hammer he says that he knows quite bit more than he did, but he has to put the pieces together again.

The Oracle gets nabbed by Smith, just as in the film.

Bane kills Maggie and doesn’t make it off the Hammer. Instead, he engages the crew in combat then gets the jump on Trinity with the knife, yelling “I only want Neo!” When Neo finally shows, he is able to see Bane for who he really is. Smith.

NEO. He’s an Agent.

ROLAND. Bullshit. He’s psychotic. Would someone please just shoot this bastard?

NEO. No. (To SMITH.) What do you want?

BANE/SMITH. Mr. Anderson. After all we’ve been through together and you can really ask me something like that? I just want to correct the mistake that I made by not killing you thoroughly the first time.

NEO. You…don’t know where you are.

BANE/SMITH. I know exactly where I am, Mr. Anderson. I’m trapped in this body of stinking meat and it’s everything I can do to end myself right here. I’ve become what I hate the most–flesh–and it’s all to strike at you where you live, Mr. Anderson.

NEO. No. You don’t know where you are.

(NEO extends a hand forward and BANE cannot move his arm. BANE’s arm shakes and finally drops the knife, then unhands TRINITY. TRINITY moves away, a little too stunned at what she’s seeing to react and beat the holy living shit out of BANE.)

NEO. Bane, if you’re still in there, I’m sorry for this. But I’m sure you realize there’s not time enough to find another way.

(NEO closes his fist. BANE hemmorhages. Blood gushes from his ears, nose, eyes and mouth. Within seconds, it’s over, and BANE has fallen to the floor, quite dead.)

(The CREW all stands around, a bit stunned. And, well, who can blame them?)

(TRINITY finally walks forward and embraces NEO, who takes her in his arms.)

NEO. You’re all right.

(TRINITY nods, but this wasn’t a question.)

NEO. We don’t have much time. I know what needs to be done and…Smith has given me the final piece of the puzzle. Morpheus?


NEO. Take everyone in one ship and get back to Zion. The machines will be breaching their defenses any moment now. I need you to go and help them. I can save them. I can save all of us but I need time.

MORPHEUS. All right.

NEO. Link?

(LINK, who’s been staring at BANE’s corpse this whole time, does a little jump.)

LINK. Yes.

NEO. In the meantime, I need you to help everyone in the crew get as much information downloaded into them as they can.

ROLAND. About what?

NEO. About anything. About everything. I don’t have time to explain. But empty the library.

MORPHEUS. This time you need, Neo…what are you going to be doing while we’re there?

NEO. Striking a deal with the devil.

Insert a scene where TRINITY wants to come too and of course, NEO, lets her. And NIOBE gives NEO her ship.

So, you have three things happening. 1) The Battle For Zion (although much less of it, because that shit got boring), 2) The Hammer making its run through the tunnels, which interrupts everybody downloading information into themselves and 3) The Logos making its way across the surface.

1) Happens about as you remember it, although actually edited this time and less cheesy (i.e. The Kid’s Going to Save Us–THE DRAMA!)

2) The Hammer run is pretty good as it stands, although like I said, they have to man the guns instead of getting information by that point.

3) The Logos run is about the same except that Neo is not blind and Trinity doesn’t die. She’s injured, and badly, but not turned into a rebar pin cushion. She mentions dying, but Neo saves her again. By basically passing the rebar out of her and then sealing up the wounds. “We’re not even anymore, then, are we?” he asks. She nods. “Rest here,” he says, eyeing the little bugbots and shit collecting around them. “They won’t hurt you. If all goes well…” he laughs. “What am I saying? It will go well.”

TRINITY. How do you know? Was it something the Oracle…?

NEO. Oh no. No, she couldn’t see what was going to happen at all.


NEO. Shhh. Rest. You’re going to love this. (He kisses her.) I promise. (He turns, and to the BUGBOTS.) Well, what are you waiting for? Take me to your leader.

Meanwhile, back at the Hammer, they crash into the docking area and go to set off the EMP. However, they actually make the point of saying something to the effect of,

MORPHEUS. Link, get ready to burn the EMP!

ROLAND. You maniacs, you’re going to fry everything–their machines AND our machines. We’ve got to leave Zion some defenses.

MORPHEUS. Neo is our defense!

LINK. He asked for time, he got some time. (Burns EMP.)

Insert scene where they try to explain this to LOCK, who thinks they’ve all gone daft.

Back at Machine City, NEO faces the big baby-headed swarm. Which, you know, was kinda cool.

SWARM. Why have you come?

NEO. I wish to make a deal.

SWARM. What do you have that we could need?

NEO. Your precious Matrix. The program Smith has grown beyond your control. You can’t stop him alone. But I can help you.

SWARM. What do you want?

NEO. Safe passage for the people of Zion.

SWARM. Passage where?

NEO. You know where.


SWARM. And if you fail?

NEO. Then you can take Zion. And I’ll more than likely be dead. Your Matrix will be too. But that you can start over. So, clearly, you come out ahead. (Pause.) But I won’t fail.

SWARM. So be it.

The SWARM jacks NEO in.

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