The Real World: Decade of Bloopers (2002)
Review by Igraine

Hosted by Puck


Anamorphic: N/A; appears in its original 1.33:1 format
My Advice: Skip it

"This is the true story of seven strangers, picked to live in a house to find out what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real." This is the phrase that started it all. Back in the early 90s, MTV thought it would be interesting to select a group of people, force them to live together in one house, and then follow them around 24/7 with a camera crew. Thus, the world was forced to deal with the latest incarnation of "reality TV".

Now--for a show that tapes seven people twenty-four hours a day for several months--do the math--you would think there would be a better selection of bloopers for this show. This collection of bloopers from the various iterations of The Real World was nothing more than your usual silly antics that have now become a normal part of the show. Hosted by the overrated and obnoxious Puck from the San Francisco cast, this DVD, as well, is overrated. For example, it's billed as a "decade of bloopers". Now, if you did the math like I asked you to earlier in this paragraph, you'd be thinking that there would be more than forty-six minutes of bloopers, but fraid not...we are only allowed to see these tiny bits of their outtakes.

What bloopers the DVD does have are divided into sections: Bodily Functions, Bored, and so on. The only section I found of any real interest was The Crew section. These are the guys you never see and it was interesting to finally the these invisible people that make this show a so-called reality. The other disappointing thing is that they are mostly bloopers from the recent casts. As a long-term Real World fan, I wanted to see bits from the first New York cast and so forth.

As far as special features go, they're just lame. For one, you get "Bonus Bloopers". And why weren't these just included in the regular sections? It's not like there's anything extraordinary or different about them. It's almost as if they stumbled on another carton of bloopers and said, "Oh what the heck, just throw these in too." Then you also have outtakes of Puck filming the intros. Whoopee. The special features are not very special, and are actually a waste of time.

Overall, it was a real disappointment. To see these people make complete fools of themselves is quite entertaining, but thumbs down to MTV for only sharing such a limited sampling of the thousands of hours of film. Maybe they're just waiting for a Volume 2 or something, but regardless, this one's pretty sad.

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