MTV's The Real World You Never Saw: Back to New York (2001)
Review by Igraine

Hosted by Kevin, Lori, Mike, Coral, Nicole, Rachel, and Malik


Anamorphic: No, it appears in its original 1.33:1 format
My Advice: Rent it

Welcome back to New York after ten years of The Real World. This is a collection of clips you "never saw" during the regular season that aired on MTV. I never cease to be amazed at the zany antics of the cast--it's amazing silly we can become when we don't have a television around. Yes, folks, that's right, they didn't have a TV in the house. So, here you get it all: kissing in the confessional, nakedness in the Hamptons, and oh yes, The Miz is back as well.

Once again, the DVD is broken down the same way as previous Real World discs. The first, and probably the most familiar to Back to New York fans, is 'The Miz.' For those of you unfamiliar with 'The Miz', it is a pro-wrestling character created by the beloved Mike. 'The Miz' is his alter-ego and by ego I mean with great emphasis on the ego. Anyway, enough of my prattling. There are also sections about Rachel's hair problems; Malik's over use of the word "Hella"; Lori's desire to be a rock star; Coral's obsession with cleanliness; Kevin's imitation of Mike's mother; and lest we forget...Nicole's romp in the Hamptons with her boyfriend Bobby.

This was the best You Never Saw DVD I have seen of The Real World so far. The house tour was hosted by Mike and Coral and they were both very entertaining. As they walked around this coolest of pads, they had flashbacks of events that occurred in each location. The cast bios are textual bits of information about the cast members--however this time MTV added snips of their audition tapes. This was really cool, and kudos to MTV for finally putting that in. There was also a bit regarding the casts' favorite NYC haunts: basically just clips from the season and the name of the locations they frequented.

I can't help but mention how difficult it was to see the World Trade Center Twin Towers standing on the New York skyline on this DVD. I commend MTV for leaving them in, though, as they help to show the world as it was during the filming of this season. We can't just pretend they never stood there in the city, so I'm glad they weren't digitally removed or some other such change as many films have decided to do.

Once again, only rent this if you are a fan of the series. Only buy this if you consider yourself a die-hard junkie of the series. In my opinion, this was the best Real World cast there has been thus far, but I still wouldn't add it to my permanent collection.

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