The Real World You Never Saw: Las Vegas (2002)
Review by HTQ4

Created by Mary-Ellis Bunim and Jonathan Murray
Starring Irulan Wilson, Alton Williams, Steven, Trishelle Canatella, Brynn Smith, Arissa Hill, and Frank Roessler


Released by: Paramount Home Video
Rating: NR
Region: 1
Anamorphic: N/A; episodes appear in their original 1.33:1 format

My Advice: Rent it, but only if you are fan of the show

MTV begins this DVD with the announcement that for years they had resisted setting a Real World cast in the world that is Las Vegas because they thought the amount of sex, gambling, and adult beverage consumption that goes on there would be too much for a cast...and that they were right. This DVD really confirms that. Irulan, Alton, Steven, Trishelle, Brynn, Arissa, and Frank live it up in Vegas on one of the top floors of the Palms Hotel and also on their little jaunt to Australia.

This cast of The Real World seems to have been preoccupied with only one subject: sex. There is enough sex going on in this hotel suite to make Heidi Fleiss blush with embarrassment. Granted, that's not all the show was about, but it certainly took up quite a good chunk of it. This DVD acts as sort of bonus material for the entire MTV show, providing viewers with the chance to see some of the stuff that the network decided was too racy to put on cable. Which in this day and age, you would think would be pretty impressive.

And, to their credit, MTV did it right this time. They actually got all of the cast members back to give little interviews with each other and allowed them the time to reminisce about the time they spent in Sin City. They obviously had a great time during their time there, but this was anything but "the real world". They spent most of their time walking around their suite naked and hooking up with one another. And it didn't stop when they went to Australia, either. There is video that was shot in the dark (with the night-vision option on their camcorder) where two of the girls began to expose themselves for their roommates. This was one Real World cast that definitely got along with one another...mayhap a little too well.

The rest of the stuff on the DVD is okay. The Cast Profiles section is done really well, intercutting between their audition video tapes and their first on-camera interviews with the MTV producers. This is the best bonus stuff on the disc. The rest of it is pretty hokey. The house tour doesn't really last long enough. It's hosted by Frank and Brynn, but all they do is talk about the many different places that people had sex in the suite. The "wrap-around bloopers" is just stupid. It is a bunch of clips of the cast screwing up the bumpers and intro segments that appear on the disc. It is nothing more than them getting tongue-tied and laughing about it; hardly worth watching.

So, if you are a fan of the show (or especially this cast), you might actually want to buy the thing. If not, it's worth renting to see it at least once...and you didn't even have to watch the show to get the inside jokes.

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