In honor of the upcoming airing (April 17th, check here for more info and times) of FDR: A Presidency Revealed on the History Channel, we've decided to open up a heretofore unknown chapter of American history.

You know Franklin Delano Roosevelt as a U.S. President. A diplomat. An elder statesman. But you might not know of his other a world-class ass-kicking adventurer.

Stay tuned for the full details and pictures. But you're entering to win these exclusive crossover playsets of an FDR action figure and a TBA action figure. We're going to provide pictures as well so you can get a better idea of the story behind each one.

So right now, you're entering to win an FDR action figure and another action figure to be determined. Yes, that's right, we've lost our freaking minds. But what other site would give you this opportunity to hear about the secret life of one of America's most famous leaders...and win cheesy action figures at the same time?

To win, all you have to do is fill out the form below and submit it. That's it. We'll draw at random from the entries received and the first three drawn win an FDR action figure and another action figure to be announced later. Keep watching this page.

And once you've entered, rather than entering AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN like people who can't read the rules often do, why not take this quiz. Or you could check out these two 15 second clips (#1 or #2) and a 2 minute clip. Bear in mind that the bits about his heroing activities were only just now declassified, so they won't appear in any of this.

Some ground rules apply, though:

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