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January 23, 2004

Book of the Week:

by Alan Moore. Moore is a holy terror. If you've read any of his graphic novels, you get an inkling of this, and if you've ever lifted up the hood and read the scripts to said graphic novels, then you are probably terrified of the man. Well, you don't know what fear is. A history of Moore's own Northampton through the eyes of multiple millennia, it takes many dark turns and will blow the lid off your brain pan more than once. Anyone who's enjoyed Moore's spoken word or From Hell must check out this Top Shelf release.

Graphic Novel of the Week: The Festering Season by Kevin Tinsley & Tim Smith 3. Rene DuBoise has returned to the city because her mother was the victim of a police shooting under some very suspicious circumstances. What she finds when she gets back is that everybody is at everybody else's throats with violence and chaos bubbling just below the surface of everything. But what does it have to do with her mother's death? And what can she do to stop it? Well, New York's seen its share of comic book mayhem, but I can't remember the last time I've seen it used as the epicenter for supernatural warfare like this. A fascinating tale of vodou in the big city, this Stickman Graphics release is one of the best mystery/horror bits I've read in a while--and considering its heft, the price is definitely right. Recommended.

Comic Book of the Week: Daredevil #56 by Brian Michael Bendis & Alex Maleev. Finally. After letting Bendis and Maleev take a breather while we wasted time with Elektra Lite, we're back to the story at hand. It's been a year since Daredevil ousted the Kingpin and basically took control of Hell's Kitchen. He's become a major city player now that he's made, thanks to both Murdock and Daredevil, The Kitchen safe to walk around in again. However, some of the other heroes in the city think that perhaps Hornhead's gone a little too far. This issue rocks balls. I have no idea where Bendis is taking us on the ride, but I know it's a good one. One of the most intense comics around these days--period.

TV Movie of the Week: Dragon Storm. Yes, those of you readers who both A) have sharp memories and 2) were at Whose Line at DragonCon will recall the trailer for this, which we showed you at the Sir Award presentation ceremony for director Stephen Furst. Well, guess what? It's time. Two rival kings find themselves with a situation that forces them to work together. I mean, a plague of dragons shows up to kick their asses--what would you do? Anyway, if you're looking for some tasty escapism, this Sci-Fi Channel Original flick is right up your alley. Click here to get more info.

Docu of the Week:

. Who knew that spelling bees would have you on the edge of your seat? Take eight kids who are on the road to the national competition, some of whom come from family situations that you'd think were too bizare to be real, and you've got the makings of a great flick. This Columbia-Tristar release is nicely stacked, with commentary, bonus footage, and an update on where the kids in question are today. Excellent and a must-watch.

TV DVD of the Week:

. Imagine our surprise to see this boxed set from Fox consisting of eight freaking discs! That's right, we had forgotten that this Irwin Allen guilty pleasure had hour-long episodes. In addition to all twenty-nine first season episodes, you get the unaired pilot. Witness silver lame suits like you've never seen them...well, since the show aired.

DVD of the Week:

. This Paramount release, starring Robert Redford and Mia Farrow, is about as good an adaptation of the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel you're going to be able to lay your hands upon. They nailed the look and missed some of the meat of the book, but it's respectable nonetheless. You get no features but the original score has been restored to the film, which is a helluva bonus.

Anime DVD of the Week:

. When the royalty of one particular nation finds themselves with something that needs handling, they call the operatives of Cloud 7. Our two heroes, Rickenbacker and Hofner, bring the James Bond vibe easily in this fun release from Geneon Entertainment--something that you can use to get both your animation and spyfest fixes take care of in one fell swoop. The definition of a guilty pleasure, but a pleasure all the same.

Adverse DVD of the Week:

. Yes, that's a chimp on a snowboard. Do I really need to explain any further? Well, it must be said that if you go into this flick with a shredding monkey then, well, you're taking your life into your own hands anyway. But hey, given the proper movie/party night atmosphere--and enough alcohol--even Jack the chimp can entertain. Or hey, if you're six, you'll probably think this is God's gift to cinema.

CD of the Week:

. Once "Song Without Sin" kicks in with that tasty, crunchy grind, you'll realize the boys are back and it's damn well like they never left. The album we were supposed to have seen follow Stain is here and it has some crazy shit to offer. From Corey completely devouring AC/DC's "Back in Black" to the incredibly strong 9/11 song, "Flying," it's just positively badass.

Magazine of the Week:

. So what letter do you write to accompany a vibrator that you're sending to a woman in Iraq? Well, for that and more, check out the latest issue of Harper's, if you haven't already. There's always something to amuse and bewilder. You get a cover story regarding the trial of Milosevic, the usual slate of readings, not to mention the world-famous index (for a sample of that, check it out here).