Austin Powers (1997)

Directed by M. Jay Roach
Written by Mike Myers
Starring Mike Myers, Elizabeth Hurley, Michael York, Mimi Rogers, Robert Wagner

My Advice: Don't Miss It.

Mike Myers definitely proves once again why he's a favorite, not to mention a really sick and twisted individual.  This film pokes fun at both "secret agent flicks" not to mention 60's sexual sensibilities and does so without losing the idea that the audience might have some intelligence (Mel Brooks--are you paying attention?).  From the opening dance/musical sequence (you read that correctly) to the showdown with Random Task, it's a helluva good time featuring ridiculously silly musical segues, a hilariously inept Dr. Evil (played by Myers also), and the most nudity you've ever seen without actually being nudity.  (You'll understand, just go see it)  An unexpected subplot featuring the Evil progeny, Scott (Seth Green) and his inability to relate to his megalomaniacal father is priceless.  Granted, sometimes it forgets that not every guy watching likes Beavis and sneaks in a fart joke or two that seems out of place against the backdrop of everything else.  Supporting cast members including Hurley (in a fine Emma Peel homage suit), York (with bad hair), Rogers and Wagner (complete with silly eye patch) give fine showings as well, making this a comedic treat.

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