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The I’m From Rolling Stone! Contest

The show is called I’m From Rolling Stone! Yes, gone are the days when you could simply pull a Cameron Crowe, lie about your age, go to work for the magazine, become a respect music journalist, become a kickass film director, then make a brilliant film no one will go see about the scam you pulled on the magazine. No, these days it takes reality television to get you in the door.

So be it. Here’s what they tell us about this recently premiered show:

In the first episodes, see each of the young writers – Colin, Krishtine, Krystal, Peter, Russell, and Tika – meet, start sizing up the competition and start to settle into their new roles as journalists for Rolling Stone Magazine by interviewing Beeda Weeda and J Stalin. However, their first assignments are a rude awakening when hip-hop princess Krish has to interview hip hop artist El-P, Russell has to figure out how to secure interviews with Lupe Fiasco and Ghostface Killah, and Nelly Furtado pops by the office. Meanwhile, young Colin may be pushed around by indie band We Are Scientists, but he gets the job done smoothly and becomes the first of the writers to get published. Also featuring music from Broken Social Scene, Mobius Band, Floetry, and The Ying Yang Twins.

Wanna know more? Well, the trailer is here. And the official website is here.

Now I know what you’re thinking right about now. That’s all well and good, Widge, and you’ve convinced us to watch this small screen wonder. But what’s the free shit, amigo?

The free shit is this. Well–that. That image over there. Yes. It’s an Olympus Digital Voice Recorder. They normally go for about $100. Nice, huh? For all the details, check out this linky.

So let’s move along and get you the rules so you can enter. But first, thanks to Filter for the contest…go check out their online goodness here.

Contest is closed! Thanks for playing. For the latest in contestage, check out the site here.

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