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The Return Of Geek Draft

Geek Draft


LeighBC, Mistress of DragonCon X-Track:
rodney mckay geek draft barbara gordon oracle geek draftriver tam geek draftkitty pryde geek draftjohn sheppard geek draft

Rodney McKay : I have to get into a vault and no one does better under pressure.

Barbara Gordon a.k.a. Oracle: She is the leader of the group, watching their comings and goings from her amazing computer room high-atop a high-rise in Gotham. She’s got the skills and the leadership to get the team to do what she wants, how she wants and make them believe that some of it is their own idea.

River Tam: Why River? Well, she’s a genius, with training in physics, quantum mechanics and can KICK ASS during a fight (programmed that way)

Kitty Pryde: …just in case, Kitty can phase through everything, with people and the McGuffin…always good to have a back up plan

Col. John Sheppard: We need a field leader. When everything in “Operation This Will End Badly” starts going badly, we need someone who can think outside the box, can lead effortlessly, is able to be both a fighter and a math-geek. A person who has no problem taking orders from a woman, has a strategic and yet flexible mindset. Plus, keeps Rodney focused, River from killing Rodney and makes a team out of the most unusual groups. I give you – John Sheppard. Plus, he’s damned pretty and Oracle deserves looking at pretty. :)


miles teg geek draftdavid rice geek draftq geek draftthe doctor geek draftyawgmoth geek draft

Miles Teg (non-gloha version): I chose him with his incredible strategical and analysis abilities.

David Rice: To go in and out quickly, Steven Gould’s David Rice as an adult is my pick.

Q: Man of mystery, power and all round annoying omnipotence, our representative of the Q Continuum, Q

The Doctor: The doctor of practically anything

Yawgmoth, Father of Machines

batman geek draftdoctor manhatten geek draftmacgyver geek draftkate libby geek draftsaint of killers geek draft

Batman/Bruce Wayne: A billionaire, a skilled fighter, the world’s best detective. Gadgets & Brains & Muscle

Doctor Manhattan: So, we need to break security and into a vault to steal the MacGuffin. How about someone who can be in many places at once? Is able to manipulate matter at will and transport to, let’s say Mars with the blink of an eye?

MacGyver: Yes the 3rd member in my group of five can build a computer out of a piece of paper and some toothpaste.

Kate Libby a.k.a. Acid Burn: My 4th pick in the Geek Draft is another 2 for 1. Her hacking abilities are second to none, her beauty makes her a master of social engineering. Welcome Kate Libby aka Acid Burn from the movie Hackers.

The Saint of Killers: He can’t be killed. His aim is always true. Every bullet kills.

Rox, representing the House of Spaz:
thursday-next-geek-draftgranny weatherwax geek draftdoc savage geek draftforge geek draftsulu geek draft

Thursday Next: She is an a former operative for SpecOps 27. In the past a mere laundry label had come in handy. She can also figure out problems with dangling past participles.

Granny Weatherwax: Well if one cannot necessarily get the vault open in current century, why not move it 150 years in the future? In a pinch she can work with others as long as she “thinks” she is in charge. I give you my goto magical gal Granny Weatherwax.

Doc Savage: I need brawn, but smarts, real smarts. Someone who is brilliant but willing to get into fisticuffs. I give you Doc Savage.

Forge: Needing someone who is extremely tech savvy, has knowledge of mysticism, though he has given that up. An inventor of extreme talent, creating bionic limbs and devices to negate superhuman abilities.

Mr. Sulu: I need a transporter and who else but someone who can pilot a helicopter and a starship and handle a rapier.

Brad a.k.a. evrwrldBB
magneto-geek-draftmarv geek draftdoc brown geek draftzaphod beeblebrox geek draftmerlin geek draft

Magneto: I can’t think of anyone better to head up a team for a smash and grab of the great MacGuffin. And if the Vault’s defenses or the MacGuffin are made out of metal, we’re golden.

Marv: I’m assuming there will be a large amount of physical obstacles to the MacGuffin, and for those I need someone who can take an incredible amount of punishment and keep going Marv’s great for that, especially if there’s a guard wearing a mighty fine coat.

Dr. Emmitt “Doc” Brown: Well if the first two can’t get in to the vault, we can go back to when they were bringing the MacGuffin in and take it then. Not to mention, who knows how many other gadgets he could make for us.

Zaphod Beeblebrox: The man stole a state of the art starship that bankrupted the galaxy out from under their noses, on galactic TV too. I think he can handle getting in a little vault. All he needs is a tumbler of pan galactic gargle blasters and 3 minutes with the guards.

Merlin: Who better to round out team than the greatest wizard who ever lived, specifically the awesome Sam Neil version

ben reich geek draftcase geek draftmichael westen geek draftbandit geek draftgulliver foyle geek draft

Ben Reich: You need someone pulling the strings, and nobody pulls strings like him. There’s a good chance he even sold some of the equipment used for The Vault. (I’ll also posit he thinks the McGuffin is DNA evidence about D’Courtney, something Bester could’ve never foreseen in 1953.)

Henry Dorsett Case: He did pick up a few big scores before he quit. I suspect helping with the Vault was one of them.

Michael Westen: The best unemployed spy in the business. I’m sure Reich can hire him easily enough.

The Bandit: Getting the MacGuffin is one thing, getting it far away and to its destination is another. You need a getaway driver, right?

Gulliver Foyle: Start with Bester, end with Bester. Foyle transformed himself from nobody into the first space-jaunter. Plus he still has his PyrE.