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Welcome, Denizens of Twitland

Me and one of my favorite mugs

Hi. I’m Widge.

This page is so I can tell you about what I do without having to worry about the 140 character limit. And I generally post this link to Twitter when I pass a certain number of followers. So welcome.

First of all, this is right here. You’re soaking in it. This is where the most bloggery for me happens. I’m joined by a staff of talented, twisted and bizarre individuals who also contribute from time to time. You can view our most popular posts by selecting a category there down the right hand side and they’re all listed there. Or you can enter a contest. Or you can use the Google search to your right to look for random bits of weirdness. The front page is here and all of our posts go out on Twitter at @NeedcoffeeFeed.

Second of all, I write.

  • You can find my novel, Mystics on the Road to Vanishing Point, on Amazon here.
  • You can find my short story collection, Magnificent Desolation, also on Amazon here.
  • And more short stories that will be published soon can be found online for free at Something Else.
  • And thirdly, I produce content on demand and have been known to provide online solutions for what people need. My rates are extraordinarily reasonable. Contact me at widgett at need coffee dot com for more information.

    Fourthly you can find me other places as well…feel free to be my friend on Stumbleupon. I am moderately active over there and try to discover some new bits from time to time. I am also active on Facebook, but less so than Twitter or SU. But befriend me anyway.

    And lastly, if you like what I do, any coin you can throw is appreciated. Needcoffee and my other projects are hosted on a dedicated server and that does take a bit to pay for. Donate using the link below or, even better, come and shop Amazon through our site and we get kickbacks off of money you were going to spend anyway.

    Thanks for stopping by and–well, not to sound like a wine cooler commercial, but thanks for your support.