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WTF is Who Goes There?

“Who Goes There?” is a section on our front page where we will link back to those who are kind enough to link us up with some sweet, sweet link lovin’. In fact, we will link back to the blogs that link us without a rel=”nofollow,” such is the love we have for those that love us.

But because we don’t want to leave anyone with any misconceptions, we thought we would throw together a quick FAQ:

Q: WTF is Who Goes There?

A: Did you skip the first part? We’re explaining that now.

Q: What do I need to do to get linked up on “Who Goes There?”

A: Find one of our postings so crisp and amusing that you just can’t help but blog about it yourself and link to us.

Q: Hey, wait a minute. Is this bribery?

A: Only if it doesn’t offend you. If it does, that I’m offended you would even ask.

Q: You mean anybody who links you will get a link back?

A: Yes, for as long as they’re one of the latest five blogs to link us.

Q: Seriously. Anybody?

A: Well, no. If you’re one of those automated sites that just strip content out and republish it, we appreciate the link, but…no. Otherwise, you should be okay.

Q: Why just five?

A: Tell you what. We get fifteen sites linking to us a day and then we’ll talk.

Q: I linked to you, I’m not a content stripper outer person, but I didn’t show up yet. What’s up, you lying thieving bastard?

A: Hey, nothing but love here.

Q: Sorry.

A: Well, we pull links off of Technorati or Bloglines, depending on where we find you. If we can’t see you linking, we won’t know to add you.

Q: But I’m on Technorati or Bloglines and I’m still not on there. Where’s my link?

A: We may not have updated the list yet. We moderate the list to keep duplicates or bastards or spammers from getting on there.

Q: What if I want to provide constructive criticism about this latest endeavor of Widge’s to somehow wheedle fame and fortune out of this asylum he’s created?

A: widge sucks at need coffee dot com is how you can find me.

Q: What if I want to give Widge and the staff here all kinds of shit about what a terrible job they’re doing and how this service, although free, like everything else on Needcoffee, could be loads better?

A: Please contact British Airways.

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