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Power Rangers: Dino Thunder, Vol. 3: White Thunder (2004) – DVD Review

Power Rangers: Dino Thunder, Vol. 3: White Thunder


Written by Douglas Sloan and Jackie Marchand
Directed by Andrew Merrifield, Charlie Haskell, and Paul Grinder


  • Ninja moves
  • Virtual trading cards

Released by: Buena Vista
Region: 1
Rating: Y7
Anamorphic: N/A; episodes appear in their original 1.33:1 format.

My Advice: Rent or buy it if you love the genre.

Power Rangers: Dino Thunder continues as the Rangers and Dr. Tommy Oliver, as the new Black Ranger, face off against the evil plans of Mesagog and his minion Elsa. However, the bad guys make a mistake with a Dino Egg, and the White Ranger is born, but whose side is he on? He looks to be the Power Ranger’s newest enemy, but the power he wields may be way too much for him to handle. Dr. Oliver finds himself fossilized and unable to assist his crew with their search for answers; the kids are on their own this time.

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Gemmel Raskel Beer: Cheers Darling

This advert for Gemmel Raskel Beer shows the universality of women trying to make do with pretentious assholes. No matter what the language, “Eh, okay,” is known the world over. Oh, and there’s beer involved too. Somewhere in there. A lot of innuendo and one bit of profanity…headphone discretion may be advised. Especially if you’re watching this from your job at the daycare center.

Direct link for the feedreaders. Uploaded to YouTube by talkteacher.

Odds and Ends for 3-8-2006

Not something you hear everyday: Ukrainian covers of songs by The Smiths.

A photo gallery dedicated to people proving math theorems while wearing sarongs. Found via Dave Barry.

More weird banana art. Also re-brought to our attention by Mr. Barry.

Here’s a nice NSFW game where you use gigantic milk teats in the heavens to make sure a baby giraffe avoids monkeys in UFOs to get fed. It’s only NSFW because why in the world would you want to have to explain what you were doing playing this? Also found via Dave Barry.

Bear in the Big Blue House (2001) – DVD Reviews

Potty Time With Bear
Party Time With Bear
Shapes, Sounds, Colors with Bear

Bear in the Big Blue House: Shapes, Sounds and Colors DVD


Created by Michael Kriegman
Starring Noel McNeal, Peter Linz, Vicki Eibner, James J. Kroupa, Tyler Bunch, Geoffrey Holder, Lynne Thigpen, and Tara Mooney


  • Sing-Along-Songs

Released by: Walt Disney Video.
Rating: NR (suitable for all audiences)
Region: 1
Anamorphic: N/A; episodes appear in their original 1.33:1 format.

My Advice: Own them if you have kids

Bear (McNeal) lives in his big blue house with his friends Tutter (Linz), Treelo (Bunch), Otto (Kroupa), Ojo (Eibner), Pip (Linz), and Pop (Bunch). They are visited by several people throughout their days at the big blue house. Sometimes Ray (Holder), the sun, Luna (Thigpen), and Shadow (Mooney) stop by for a little visit. In the process, they learn all kinds of new and interesting things.

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Odds and Ends for 3-7-2006

Screenhead has done an excellent rundown of Orson Welles adverts, both real and from the much-loved show, The Critic. “Fine. Fine. No goblins.”

Speaking of adverts, here’s the Rolling Stones shilling musically for Rice Krispies. “Get that krackle outta my face, pally!”

And here’s the Cracking Contraptions animations from Wallace & Gromit: I post them here to celebrate Aardman winning the only award I gave a damn about the other night. If you only watch one of these shorts, make sure it’s “Shopper 13.”