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Wayhomer Review #114: The Cabin in the Woods

Kristen Connolly from The Cabin in the Woods

Episode #114 for The Cabin in the Woods, in which our protagonist makes a pepper analogy regarding horror movies, is pleasantly surprised by a number of surprises, and tries to explain tweaks vs. twists.

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  • 100% agreed, Widget.

    Being a veteran of so many horror films, I was going to pass on this despite the awesome trailer until I saw Rotten Tomatoes’ aggregate ranking and thought, “Wow. I’m there.”

    You give it 4 Cups? I give it 4 WTFs, because that was my reaction throughout the movie, although I seriously said “WTF?” more than 4 times. To talk about the movie is HARD, because any details ruin the surprises for those that haven’t seen it yet. I had the same difficulty with “The Mist”, telling my friends: do NOT under any circumstances let anyone tell you anything about it.

    My advice to those out there is to see the movie with a “go with it” attitude. It’s a roller-coaster of a story, so enjoy letting it throw you around. But make no mistake; it’s a horror movie first & foremost, with plenty of death to deal out.

    No spoilers here, but a great cameo and a great ending.

    p.s. What was that old dude on the ladder doing?