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Wayhomer Review #124: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Benjamin Walker as Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Episode #124 for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, in which our protagonist is distracted by his car (which might or might not explode) but somehow manages to talk about how the film’s inconsistent rules of engagement and abuse of slow motion overwhelm a decent cast. Alas.

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  • Tyler: When it became clear that I wasn’t going to finish the book, I did go and read the full synopsis just to see what I was missing. I think there’s a lot they changed/left out, from what I can tell. I mean…that book was dense, so there’s no way they could have incorporated all of that into a feature film. But just so you know.

    This isn’t spoilers since it was in the trailer…but since you’ve read the book, is the bit about Abe being able to chop through an entire tree in a single whack in there? I’m just curious. (Because that’s when the film really started to go downhill for me.)

  • Oh damn, I’m so depressed. We were making this a family movie tonight. :(

    (however, I do think you’ll enjoy “Brave” :) )

  • Couldn’t agree more about the star wars prequels thing, I even said that on the way out of the theatre. Such a let down and I mean everything was there for them, the character is someone people know and like, the plot was WRITTEN IN A BOOK already, the world was our own only a little younger, and they decided that all of that was not good enough and if they could dumb down the plot and the characters then they wouldn’t distract you from the 2 points in the movie where they CG fights were kind of fun; a page out of the George Lucas guide to filmmaking.

  • Yeah, Matt, again…that’s the part I don’t understand: *the same guy who wrote the book has his name on the screenplay*. Did he have the only hand in it? Probably not, but still. Very perplexing. Thanks for the comment.

  • You’re a terrible movie critic, seriously…you’re like a stick in the mud who doesn’t pay attention to the important aspects in the movie industry, movies are appealing to the senses. You can’t just see a movie, you have to observe it as a critic. Don’t ever compare Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter to Star Wars everrrrr again. Not even in the same ballpark. You might be dumb.

  • Sean: I want to personally thank you for increasing my presence in search engines for the terms “dumb,” “terrible” and “Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” appearing together. Come back anytime.

  • I like that she said “You might be dumb”. That made me chuckle. That should be your catchphrase. Widge Walls: Might be Dumb.

  • Well, Dan, that’s not an inaccurate statement. I might be dumb. On occasions I have been severely dumb. But then again, I did not, in fact, compare Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter to Star Wars. I compared it to the prequels, which, as any reasonable human can attest, is a completely different species.

    That being said, Might Be Dumb might just be my next t-shirt.