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Stuff Bulletin: New Lord of the Jungle in the Works

Johnny Weissmuller as Tarzan

  • Wanted to make sure you were aware: Amazon’s Deal of the Day is the Blu-Ray boxed set of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy Extended Editions. Regular price is listed as $119.98–today only it’s 64% off and going for $43.49. Savings of over $75. Not bad for a fifteen disc hi-def set. Snag it here.
  • New Tarzan is coming from Warner Brothers with Alexander Skarsgard at the lead of the pack to play the jungle lord and David Yates, who directed more Harry Potter films than anybody else, is on board to helm. The story involves him being sent to the Congo by Queen Victoria for a mission, accompanied by an ex-mercenary–who might be played by Samuel L. Jackson. I’m sort of amazed that in the wake of John Carter that another Edgar Rice Burroughs film is even happening. Source: Variety.
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  • Warren Ellis announced that star of Oz and The Wire, Reg E. Cathey, is on board to read the audiobook of his upcoming Gun Machine. He’s excited and should be–it all sounds like a recipe for awesome. It’s listed for release January 1st. Pre-order link is here.
  • The Lego movie, due out February 7, 2014, has a vocal cast that includes Will Arnett, Elizabeth Banks, Will Ferrell, Morgan Freeman and Liam Neeson. I would tell you more, but it makes my eyelids hurt and I want to spare you. Source: Variety.
  • The Les Miserables international trailer has examples of just about everybody singing, we get to see Sacha Baron Cohen as Thenardier and it won’t freaking break your heart completely like the teaser. So it’s all good.
  • Next year, Kenneth Branagh is coming to the Manchester International Festival to star in Macbeth. “Seventeen performances of the Shakespeare classic will be staged in a deconsecrated church.” Nice. Somebody please film this. Source.
  • Pointed out by friend of Need Coffee, Karina, this came out just after out last update…the first nine minutes of Star Trek Into Darkness will play, in 3D, in front of IMAX showings of The Hobbit. That’s basically five months ahead of time. Source: Variety.
  • Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell has Tom Hardy on board to star though there’s no studio in place yet. Source: Variety.
  • In the WTF/possibly brilliant department, there’s a sequel to Twins coming out, called Triplets. The third brother? Eddie Murphy. Source.