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Stuff: If Paul and Ringo Aren’t Passing Out Diplomas Then Forget It

Liverpool Hope University

Some sites base their entire existence on regurgitating press releases at you. We just base one section. Saves everybody time and effort, I think.

  • Amazon has the first four seasons of Boston Legal for sale today and while stocks last for $80.49 on DVD, which is 65% off the usual price. You can snag yours here. Also, speaking of Amazon, Star Trek Season 1 is hitting Blu-Ray on April 28th. You can catch that here.
  • Just when you thought your degree was useless in the real world: Liverpool Hope University will give you a Master of Arts in The Beatles. I mean, seriously folks, I love The Beatles and grew up listening to them–but if that’s your degree, even a Burger King might think you were underqualified.
  • BTW, Astro Boy trailer.

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  • Green Day: The Musical? Apparently so. American Idiot, their album, is being turned into a show. The band gets a musical credit on the show and Billie Joe Armstrong, frontman of the band, is co-writing the book with Michael Mayer. Yes, that would be Michael Mayer who directed Spring Awakening. The show will open at Berkeley Repertory Theater as part of their 2009-2010 season and while no Broadway plans have been set, you know it’ll probably end up there. The article reminds me that Pink Floyd: The Wall is in development as a stage musical as well. “The feel bad musical of the year!” Oh dear. Source.
  • Maurice Jarre–composer for a crapload of films including Zhivago, Lawrence of Arabia and a score I really loved: Jacob’s Ladder–died of cancer this past Saturday at age 84. Source.
  • Did you hear Stacy Keach suffered a stroke? A mild one, but still. His condition was acknowledged on March 18th and he was back on tour with Frost/Nixon (the play, of course) on the 27th. Glad he’s feeling better. Source.
  • Kudos, the UK company that brought you Life on Mars, Hustle and Spooks is looking for partners on historical drama The Medici and a “13-part family sea-faring” showcalled The Scrimshaw Pirates. Did I mention they brought you Life on Mars, Hustle and Spooks? Yes, please and now. Source.
  • The subtitles for Let the Right One In have apparently been completely fubar’d. Icons of Fright has all the details.
  • Main Street, the last work by the late Horton Foote, is getting a helluva cast: Orlando Bloom, Ellen Burstyn, Patricia Clarkson, Colin Firth and Andrew McCarthy. And has a helluva director: John Doyle, who directed the Sweeney Todd and Company revivals on Broadway. The story “centers on a group of people in a small town in North Carolina whose lives are shaken up when a stranger arrives.” Production starts in North Carolina next month. Source.
  • As you may have heard, Marvel is hiring a stable of writers to develop more movies out of its stable of characters. I would just like to say that my Mort the Dead Teenager pitch WILL ROCK YOUR FACE OFF. (Don’t laugh, DreamWorks might still own the rights.) Full details here.
  • 1984 opened Off-Broadway this past week. No, just a straight play, not a musical. I’m sure you thought that’s where I was going with this. Source.
  • The Office is headed to Israel, its sixth foreign version. I agree with the TV Squad article: “Some day, I would like to see the pilot of every version of The Office shown back-to-back.” Well, we did put some bits over here if you want a taste.