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Stuff You Need to Know: RZA to Direct the Original Khan

John Wayne as Genghis Khan
'Who did you say is directing? Whoa.'

Yes, sorry, we’ve been away…but we’ve been trapped down in this hellhole with rats, a huge hole in the floor and a pendulum. Long story. Anyway, here’s the gist: a lot of sites try to turn a bunch of press releases into blog posts and articles. You wind up reading 500 words to find out some start from The CW is now the tertiary lead in Saw XIV. Not here. We distill all of that stuff into an info smoothie that you can suck down in one sitting and get on with your life. Enjoy.

(If you do enjoy, stuff that we cite here as up and coming or of interest–if you’re going to buy it from Amazon anyway, if you do it through our links, we get kickbacks. Thanks in advance for your support.)

  • Speaking of which, the Amazon deal of the day is for the Alien Anthology on Blu-Ray for 64% off. That’s just $25 for a sweet, sweet set. Normally it’s $69.99. Only available today and until they run out.
  • Warning. This is the trailer for Any Day Now. Alan Cumming is going to break you.
  • Since I know many people enjoy Archer, be aware that the third season hits Blu-Ray on January 8th. Pre-order link here.
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  • The Battlestar Galactica prequel, Blood & Chrome, which is “airing” on Machinima at the moment will be hitting Blu-Ray from Universal on February 19th. Pre-order link is here.
  • On one hand, the notion of a Beverly Hills Cop movie gives you two simultaneous reactions: “What took them so long?” and “Oh shit.” However, Brandon T. Jackson (Tropic Thunder) is going to play Axel’s son Aaron…with Axel being reprised by executive producer Eddie Murphy (in the pilot, at least). Source.
  • Disney might be adapting their Big Thunder Mountain Railroad ride for television. Yes, as a show. No, you don’t necessarily need to know this but I felt you would appreciate the warning. And the further evidence supporting the Law of Relative Development. Source: Variety.
  • Dark Knight Rises, as a reminder, hits December 4th. Versions worth looking at: the Blu-Ray combo, the trilogy set, and the limited edition version complete with cowl.
  • Did you see the bit where RZA is on board to direct Genghis Khan, with John (Conan the Barbarian) Milius’ script? Production is expected to start next year. And I checked…Man With the Iron Fists has just about made its production budget back with just its domestic box office take alone…so yeah, the man’s got a career in the chair if he wants it. Source.
  • As Rox will mention on an upcoming Weekend Justice, the soundtrack for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Trilogy, by Howard Shore, is streaming online at Empire. You have to listen to the whole thing rather than skipping about, but it does give you the whole enchilada. And they’re hitting December 11th. You can pre-order the regular two-disc here and the special edition two-disc here.
  • The full trailer for The Host is now up at MTV. And honestly, I wouldn’t give two shits but the fact that Saoirse Ronan (which I believe is pronounced “Joan Smith”) is the lead has my attention. Because she’s excellent in most everything.
  • So the Complete Series boxed set of Mission: Impossible is pricey as hell. But it is the whole thing. And it’s in a case that looks like a big, fat stick of dynamite. Badass. It’s out December 11th. Pre-order link here.
  • Mission: Impossible Complete Series DVD set

  • Sadly, my dream of Brad Bird directing the next Star Wars may be dead–this because he’s helming 1952 for Disney. It’s a “Close Encounters-esque” flick that could wind up starring George Clooney. Beyond that, not much is known. Source: Variety.
  • Peter Pan is getting the Diamond Blu-Ray treatment from Disney, due February 5th. Pre-order link here.
  • Dig Jon Snow? Then you’ll be pleased to learn that actor Kit Harington is in talks to star in Pompeii–yes, they’re turning the eruption into a disaster movie. He’ll play a slave who has to head back into town to save the love his life and a gladiator friend. Paul W.S. Anderson is helming…and I don’t know, if they aim for more Irwin Allen and less Roland Emmerich, I would probably be quite happy. Incidentally, Harington is a voice in How to Train Your Dragon 2: Train Harder. Source: Variety.
  • The second season of Star Trek: The Next Generation hits Blu-Ray on December 4th. Pre-order link is here.
  • A remastered edition of White Zombie, starring Bela Lugosi, is due out from Kino on January 29th. Pre-order link here.
  • Sorry, but the rubber CG zombies in World War Z look like complete and total arse.

    Honestly, take the price of one ticket to go see this and spend it on the abridged audiobook instead. No joke. You’ll enjoy yourself so much more.