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Music Monday: Dana Leong, Firewater, Animal Collective & More

Dana Leong

More music picks for your Monday. If you like what you hear, use the links provided to snag it for yourself from Amazon. Doing so through us gives us kickbacks, and those help pay for stuff like more bandwidth. And also so we can buy more music.

We open with a cover that I stumbled upon–it’s Dana Leong taking the lead on a fantastic and wild version of Firewater’s “Another Perfect Catastrophe.” And I don’t normally post two versions of the same song, but when you have an opportunity to hear somebody (in this case, Edmar Castaneda) accompanying a trombone with a harp on a Firewater song? You just, you know, go for it. That kicks us off after the break. (Image by Mat Szwajkos, taken from the Glide Magazine interview with Leong.)


Next we have the studio version of the same song–only this time Firewater head burrito Tod A is on hand to provide some vocals, along with Ue, who proves the point that Googling a two letter name is next to impossible. It’s from the album Anthems of Life. And I dig the shit out of it.

I stumbled across Leong because I was seeking out Firewater, only to learn that they had a new album out as of September: International Orange! And while their album The Ponzi Scheme (the source of “Catastrophe”) will probably always be foremost in my heart…this is a tasty burger. It’s the opening track, “A Little Revolution.”

Next we have a track from Animal Collective, which didn’t make it onto their last album, Centipede Hz, “Crimson.” It did get recorded live at KCRW, though. And it’s the B-side to a digital single that comes out tomorrow: “Applesauce.”

And we’ve received word that Deep Elm Records now have their catalog on Spotify. You can find stuff like the following from Goonies Never Say Die off their No Words To Voice Our Hopes And Fears album…the awesomely titled “I Love You But in the End I Will Destroy You.” If you want to find out what you can seek out on Spotify or just download some kickass sampler packs, check out the Deep Elm Digital Presence.

Our final two picks–the first was brought to my attention by the release tomorrow of Delta Swamp Rock, Vol. 2: More Sounds From the South 1968-75. It’s a two CD set that’s a buffet of music from the southern U.S. during the time period. My pick from the release is “Sufficiently Breathless” by Captain Beyond, the title track from their 1973 album. The compilation set is available tomorrow on CD, or the original Beyond album is available for a reasonable price as well.

And lastly, an excellent remix of Gil Scott-Heron‘s “New York is Killing Me” at the hands of Ashley Beedle. Alas, no idea when this is going to be available in a legit way stateside–currently it’s in limited vinyl across the pond, released just this week. But oh, it is tasty.