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DJ Earworm vs. 2011: World Go Boom

DJ Earworm State of Pop 2011 Mashup: World Go Boom

In what has become an annual tradition (that winds up making me familiar with a lot of songs I couldn’t normally be arsed to listen to during the year without someone like Earworm to make them somehow more enjoyable in mashup form), DJ Earworm strikes once more with the latest in his United State of Pop series.

What the hell is it? He takes the Top 25 hits in the U.S. during the year–then mashes them all into a single song. And unlike just laying down beats and words indiscriminately, he somehow manages to make the thing coherent. No idea how he does it. It makes my eyelashes hurt just thinking about how you process that. But it’s here, nonetheless.

For more info and the complete list of tracks he used, go here. For more of his work, check out his official site.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

Found via The Lady Porphyre.