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32 Days of Halloween XII, Day 9: Bowery at Midnight!

Bowery at Midnight

First up, for #TrackoftheDay, we have a mashup by DJ Fnord, who I can’t seem to find out any damn information about. But regardless, you’ll probably recognize the elements here: “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” by Bauhaus coupled with sounds from Disney’s Haunted Mansion. Basically, the perfect pairing.

Next, we go to…well, I’m not sure when this is, because the website I pulled this from said 1953 and Wikipedia (which is always right) said the 60s. Definitely sounds more like the 50s, methinks. Anyway, this is from the classic Old Time Radio show The Creaking Door and the episode is “Don’t Go Down the Mine.” Somehow the fact there’s no “in” in the title makes it a little bit more sinister. Or maybe that’s just me.

Then finally tonight we go to 1942 and Bowery at Midnight. Starring Bela (who is immortal, as you know, and despite what Bauhaus would tell you), it tells the cautionary tale: when you’re running a criminal gang, make sure somebody isn’t using your dead henchmen for clandestine experiments. I can say no more.