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Cruellest Month #19: Brownies on Bicycles

Palmer Cox

Day 19 of National Poetry Month. And this time around for 30 Days of Poetry Audio, Rox is here with a special reading of Palmer Cox: “Brownies on Bicycles.”

You can download it directly here and a unique feed is here. Enjoy.

Last year at this time we were listening to an original by Widge.


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Need Coffee vs. Black Friday: 2010 Edition

Black Friday

Maybe you’ve wondered what it’s like going out into the madness of Black Friday. And maybe you’ve wondered what a shopping trip with Rox of Spazhouse would be like. Now, in one single podcast, you can find out the answer to both at once.

Hear Rox compare notes on who’s buying what, get people in line excited about possiblities, critique people’s choice of warm clothing as well as their line-waiting strategy, provide free camera consulting, comment on prices and discounts, give people tips on survival, and wonder if she’s going to survive as she tries to find an exit from a store mobbed with people. Action! Comedy! Tragedy! It’s all here!



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Halloween Audio Day 31: Vasilissa the Fair

Baba Yaga

Rox returns with the finale of her Russian folk tale trilogy. This time it’s a version of the “Vasilissa the Fair” story, starring everyone’s favorite witch: Baba Yaga.


Find it directly here. Or subscribe to the feed to get all the 32 Days audio. If you’re already subscribed to our Needcoffee.com general podcast feed, you already get them, so you’re good.


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Halloween Audio Day 24: The Dead Witch


For tonight, Rox of Spazhouse is back with another Russian folktale: “The Dead Witch.”


Find it directly here. Or subscribe to the feed to get all the 32 Days audio. If you’re already subscribed to our Needcoffee.com general podcast feed, you already get them, so you’re good.

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Halloween Audio Day 21: The Fiend

Halloween Greetings

For tonight, Rox of Spazhouse performs a Russian folktale: “The Fiend.”


Find it directly here. Or subscribe to the feed to get all the 32 Days audio. If you’re already subscribed to our Needcoffee.com general podcast feed, you already get them, so you’re good.

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The Grue Café #2: The Pros and Cons of Con Gaming

DragonCon Award

With fall convention season–and DragonCon–looming before us, join our intrepid band of gaming podcasters as they discuss con gaming. The how, the why and the wherefore. It’s all here. Hosted this episode by Veteran of the Psychic Wars Rox of Spazhouse, you’ll also find Kim on board as well as special guest Peter White.

BTW, you iTunes subscriber types can nab our overall podcast feed here.

Or if you want to do something else with it, the feed feed is here.

To download this episode directly, The Grue Café #2: The Pros and Cons of Con Gaming, then do that thing.


Theme song courtesy of MC Frontalot. Of course.

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Saturday Bloody Saturday: Five Short Films From the 2009 Jacksonville Film Festival

Jacksonville 2009 Film Festival

This past Saturday, I decided to donate a small amount of coin to the Nuts on the Road cause. That coin would have been ear marked to go see Star Trek or something. It is not like I am a cheap person and yes I can donate and see a film, but in the true sense of donations giving it should come as a small sacrifice of some sort to help others. (Widge’s note: Thank you, Rox! Mwaaa!) After listening to the afternoon edition of Nuts on the Road and seeing the new addition to the Technocave secret hideout I ventured out to my Five Points to run an errand or two.

I stopped at a store that is right next to our newly renovated 5 Points Theatre. There was a crowd milling about as a feature film from Jacksonville’s 2009 Film Festival was getting out. Living in a small section of Jacksonville in the historic area of Riverside Avondale area is pretty much like a small town where one runs into folk you know all the time. Today was no exception. I chatted with an acquaintance I know who was very gracious in giving me a screening pass for the Saturday Bloody Saturday Horror Short Films screening. What goes around comes around. I gave a gift in good faith and through some good karma I was given a ticket for a movie showing. So I did not miss out on a movie night. Wheel of Fortune if you like.


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Starbucks: VIA Ready Brew Instant Coffee – Review

Starbucks VIA Ready Brew

During this economic downturn Starbucks has taken a beating with people staying away from buying its higher end coffee. So, they decided some time ago to reclaim some of its footing from its devastating losses of last year by jumping into the instant coffee market. Why, you ask? Answer: companies will try anything to keep the bottom line in check.

I am not a typical coffee drinker, though when I do want a coffee I want good coffee. I do not own a coffee maker, so my need for good coffees come from coffee shops and from friends who brew great coffee (thanks, Cosette). As I do not drink coffee on a regular basis, I like to experience drinking coffee as a relaxing activity. So I thought that with spring in the air, the windows open, a nice cup of coffee would be enjoyable to have this morning.

As for instant coffee: the last time I had instant was at my mom’s house at Thanksgiving and she prefers flavor crystals. I know that instant does not have the aroma that drip coffee has and it is good for your caffeine need in a pinch. I received from Starbucks a mailed packed of “Via, Starbucks Columbian Coffee in an Instant.” Via is Italian for road, giving the consumer the idea that you can have good coffee anywhere. The cute little packets are individual servings for an 8 oz cup of joe. Starbucks have created a natural process of roasting and grinding the coffee used for instant. I opened the packets with some scissors so not to spill any of the product.


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