Your Relationship: It Plays Doom

Mingle2 has posted a fascinating comparison between being in a relationship and playing Doom 2 in full-on nightmare mode

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Adult Swim's Five Minutes: My Life, Reduced to a Flash Game

A spiffy flash game from those Adult Swim whackjobs in which you, cubicle galley slave, decide to kill yourself after receiving one too many meeting notices.

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Gigposters Playing Cards: Even Madame Sosostris is Impressed

What happens when you get a bunch of different artists together to make artwork for playing cards? A pack of wicked cards, all right. Three packs, in fact.

Check them out here. Make sure you click the pics to see the entirety of the card art.

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First Life: Why Can't I Build a Dirigible With My Mind?

I think that Second Life is pretty cool, honestly. But that doesn't keep me from laughing my ass off at folks trying to take the piss out of them. Like the lovely one-page parody, Get a First Life, where they urge you to "Fornicate Using Your Actual Genitals." Awesome.

Found via TCritic.

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Arcade Classics in Candlevision!

So it's some stop motion arcade classics, all created with candles. And yes, it only lasts about a minute and a half with only part of that being actual gameplay...but really, how much of it would you be able to pull off before getting bored and going back to working on that pebble bed reactor in your basement?

Direct link for the feedreaders.

Found via Neatorama.

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Jack Black vs. Sinkholes and Scorpions

Talk about a blast from the past. I wonder if, while they were shooting the bigass bug frenzy in King Kong, he had a flashback to playing a much simpler version of that encounter in this game?

Direct link for the feedreaders.

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Pong Watch: Now You Can Feel Old Every Time You Look at Your Wrist

That's right. A guy has worked up a homemade pong watch--every minute the right side scores a point, and every hour the left side score a point. Pretty sweet. Now wait a few days and somebody will figure out how to play Doom on it.

Found via MAKE Blog.

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When the Worlds of Gaming and Espresso Collide!

This guy modified his espresso machine so that he can control it using a Nintendo controller. Very nice.

Of course, it's a bitch when you have to defeat a giant turtle in order to start a shot brewing--especially first thing in the morning.

Found via MAKE Blog.

Update: Speaking of coffee machines and modding them, MAKE Blog also has a round-up of other coffee machines, both modded and original. Enjoy.

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Four-Color Fisticuffs: The Good, The Bad, and The Budget

With holidays fast approaching and the next-gen console arms race now well and truly joined by all parties, there are, no doubt, those who are still looking for some quality last-gen game goodness. As long as you're shopping to soothe your geek tendencies, look to double up and indulge in multiple dorktacular obsessions simultaneously. To assist you in the endeavor, we offer a glimpse of three comic-driven videogames available on hardware that won't require camping outside your local Best Buy or selling a kidney on eBay.

The Budget - Teen Titans (PS2, Xbox, GC, GBA)

As a comic property, I was always a bit lukewarm on the Teen Titans. Miniature versions of real heroes with an occasional sidekick thrown in for good measure just didn't really compel me to pick up issues (though George Perez did his damnedest to compel my pre-pubescent self to buy them with Starfire and Raven). That aside, the animated series has been pretty consistently entertaining and provides an interesting bit of levity that the comic stories never managed. The heavily anime-influenced Titans 'toon was a no-brainer for translation to the console realm.

Unfortunately, the game just isn't that much fun. Combat is extremely repetitive after the first hour or so, and the total storyline can be played through in a dozen hours, tops. The versus mode is a good bit of fun, especially with the absolutely massive number of playable characters, but even it gets stale pretty quickly. Fans of the series will dig the game's light-hearted story and approach, though, making it a solid rental for even casual fans of the beat-em-up game genre. The other huge point in the game's favor is its budget price. There's a lot of game here for $20.

Buy it from Amazon for the PS2, or the Xbox, or the Gamecube, or the GameBoy Advance.

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MobZombies: Get Off Your Ass, Barbara, They're Coming For You!

Basically it's a handheld game where you're being chased by zombies. No, we mean it. You're being chased by zombies--as in run or they'll catch your ass on the screen and then it's all final reel of Day of the Dead.

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