The Fallout From Captain America’s Death Continues in Cap #26

The Legend Lives On In Captain America #26

After Captain America #25 shocked the world and catapulted the Living Legend’s final moments into the mainstream media spotlight, the Eisner-nominated team of Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting continue the acclaimed “Death Of A Dream” storyline in Captain America #26. With Captain America dead, there are major repercussions for Winter Soldier (once known as Bucky, Cap’s sidekick), Sharon Carter, The Falcon and the rest of Cap’s allies. Unfortunately for them, Red Skull and his comrades aren’t sitting idly by…but what is their endgame?

The acclaim just won’t end for Captain America. “We’ve got to commend Brubaker and Epting for making daring choices throughout their tenure on the book and for smart, skillful work,” said Newsarama.Com’s Troy Brownfield of the acclaimed Captain America.

Other critics echoed similar sentiments about Captain America. Ambush Bug, of Ain’t-It-Cool-News.Com, called Captain America #25 a “well-written and action packed issue that not only shows us why Cap is such an important character, but lays out an engrossing mystery for the reader to enjoy. It’s top notch storytelling from cover to cover.”


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Marvel Illustrated Brings The Classics Back To Life

Because you demanded it! Retailers and fans have demanded that Marvel bring some of the most timeless, enduring novels to life in comic book form and we’re happy to oblige with Marvel Illustrated, the House of Idea’s new line featuring the best of classic literature as adapted by industry legend Roy Thomas & a slew of talented artists. Over the summer, fans of all ages will be able to thrill to such tales as The Last Of The Mohicans, Treasure Island, Man In The Iron Mask and more, as Marvel provides the most in depth graphic literature adaptations of these stories to date. Adapted in six full length issues, each limited series re-telling of these renowned tales will stay true to the source material while presenting each story in our unique mighty Marvel style.


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Ronin’s True Identity Revealed In New Avengers #30

The recent incarnation of the New Avengers doesn’t have it easy, forging their own underground movement against the Superhuman Registration act they consider unjust and finding themselves embroiled in conflicts with their former friends. But as readers will learn in New Avengers #30, it’s going to get worse before it gets better. As readers continue to learn how the New Avengers survived their conflict with Iron Man‘s state-sponsored Mighty Avengers team in the past, they’ll also be thrilled to the New Avengers’ current conflict with the martial arts crime cabal known as the Hand! Throughout this top-selling story arc by award-winning writer Brian Bendis and red-hot artist Leinil Yu (one of Marvel‘s Young Guns), fans have wondered just who is wearing the new Ronin armor and they’re about to find out in May.

Oh, and did we mention this all sets the stage for 2008’s top secret Marvel epic?

So don’t miss the series that ComicBookResources.Com’s Augie De Blieck called, “the premiere team title of the Marvel Universe.”


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The Sentry is Unleashed In Mighty Avengers #3

The biggest new series of 2007 continues in Mighty Avengers #3, as Tony Stark’s new team of government-sponsored Avengers battle the all new, all female Ultron. And just what happened to Tony Stark? If Ultron has her way, this bold new team of Avengers won’t have a chance to find out! From the all star team of writer Brian Bendis and artist Frank Cho, Mighty Avengers has been a sales hit and quite a smash with the critics!

Marvel fans of all stripes should give this one a shot,” said Augie De Bleick of, adding, “Bendis gets the team up and running in a most entertaining fashion from the get-go.”

Troy Brownfield of Newsarama.Com raved that Bendis & Cho, “Knocks it out of the park,” continuing, “Mighty Avengers plays exactly as a team comic should.”


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Eisner Nominated Ed Brubaker’s Year-Long Epic Concludes In Uncanny X-Men #486

It’s been a long year for the team of mutants in Uncanny X-Men, as writer Ed Brubaker has put them through the paces for the last 11 issues, all leading up to this moment! Uncanny X-Men #486 brings readers the conclusion of “The Rise and Fall Of The Shi’ar Empire” and not everyone will be returning to Earth! We’ve got the M’Kraan Cystal, a psychotic man atop the Shi’ar throne and a girl with the power of the Phoenix Force—what more do you need to know?


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Marvel Congratulates its Eisner Nominees!

The 2007 Eisner Award nominees have been announced, with Marvel grabbing a whopping 11 nominations in 8 categories! The incredible success Marvel achieved in 2006 with books like Civil War, Captain America, Astonishing X-Men and more wouldn’t be possible without our amazing roster of creators, including these talented nominees.

The Nominees are:
Best Short Story
* “Stan Lee Meets Spider-Man,” by Stan Lee, Oliver Coipel, and Mark Morales, in Stan Lee Meets Spider-Man (Marvel)

Best Continuing Series
* Captain America, by Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting (Marvel)
* Daredevil, by Ed Brubaker, Michael Lark, and Stefano Gaudiano (Marvel)
* Young Avengers, by Allan Heinberg, Jim Cheung, and various inkers (Marvel)
Best New Series
* Criminal, by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips (Marvel Icon)

Best Archival Collection/Project—Comic Books
* The Eternals, by Jack Kirby (Marvel)

Best Writer
* Ed Brubaker, Captain America, Daredevil (Marvel); Criminal (Marvel Icon)

Best Penciller/Inker or Penciller/Inker Team
* Michael Lark/Stefano Gaudiano, Daredevil (Marvel)
* Steven McNiven/Dexter Vines, Civil War (Marvel)

Best Cover Artist
* John Cassaday, Astonishing X-Men (Marvel)

Best Lettering
* Todd Klein, Fantastic Four: 1602, Eternals (Marvel)

Congratulations to all nominees. The winners will be announced July 27 at San Diego Comic-Con.


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Criminal Steals Two Eisner Nominations!

Marvel Comics‘ Icon imprint is pleased to announce Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips’ acclaimed series CRIMINAL has received two prestigious Eisner Award nominations, for Best Writer and Best New Series. “Doing anything outside the norm in the US comics market can be extremely difficult, so I’m really pleased to see the Eisners recognize our hard work. We put our blood and sweat into every issue, and I’m very proud of what Sean and I have done so far, building our world of criminals, con men, and bad habits,” said Brubaker.


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Revenge Is A Dish Served Bloody In Moon Knight #10

Comic cover art for Moon Knight #10

Marc Spector has been to hell and back over the last year, as his super hero persona Moon Knight made some shocking decisions. But now that he’s seemingly on the road to putting his life back together, rebuilding the body that houses his once broken spirit, tragedy intends to strike in the form of an old friend. Moon Knight #10 continues the gripping “Midnight Son” storyline by noted novelist Charlie Huston and new artist Mico Suayan. And what would a story about revenge be without The Punisher? The two heroes have crossed paths before, but with the fallout from Civil War, both men have been changed irrevocably. Is the city big enough for both of them? We’re going to find out!

The critics continue to rave about this gritty super hero series. “I think Moon Knight is one of the best series out from Marvel Comics right now and I feel anyone who likes a good story should be reading this,” said Timothy Lee of PaperbackReader.Com.


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Nova #1 Rockets To A Sell-Out!

Marvel is pleased to announce that Nova #1 has sold out at Diamond. Spinning out of Annihilation, Richard Rider is the last surviving member of the intergalactic peacekeeping force once known as the Nova Corps and is now charged with using his formidable powers to protect and serve the worlds of the cosmos. His return to Earth at the end of issue #1 caught the attention of some important people and in issue #2, fans will see Nova come helmet-to-helmet with Iron Man in a story that ties into the wildly popular Initiative storyline spinning out of Civil War!


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School Is In For The Summer With X-Men: First Class Special

Put one fan-favorite writer with four critically-acclaimed artists, add in the first X-Men team and you’ll get the can’t miss X-Men: First Class Special arriving this May. Acclaimed scribe Jeff Parker, whose work on the X-Men: First Class limited series demanded Marvel make it an ongoing series, is joined by classic X-artist Paul Smith, fan favorite Mike Allred, Nick Dragotta and Kevin Nowlan, drawing the first mutants to study at Xavier’s Institute. In this 48 page special, fans will see the original five X-Men in three all-new tales.


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