The Attacks of 26/11 – Movie Review

Attacks of 26-11

Written by: Ram Gopal Varma & Rommel Rodrigues
Directed by: Ram Gopal Varma
Starring: Nana Patekar, Sanjeev Jaiswal

Ram Gopal Varma is back with his new movie The Attacks of 26/11. After a spate of non-performing movies, he helms the project which deals with the sensitive topic of one of the deadliest terrorist attacks on Indian soil. It happened in Mumbai, leaving over 166 people dead and more than 250 people injured. Given the theme, which is so sensitive, the movie is a huge risk and can result in a massive backlash from the critics and public alike if not presented well. So how does it fair? It does pack a punch, but it had the potential to do much more.

For starters, the movie does not exactly trace the entirety of 26/11’s events. It concentrates entirely on the lone inhuman terrorist Kasab, who was captured alive by the Mumbai Police. In the movie, the entire sequence of events that happened through the attack is explained by the Joint Commissioner of Police (Played by Nana Patekar) to a Bench comprising of his seniors. The movie traces the path of the terrorist Kasab from the point he gets onboard a boat en route to India to wreck havoc in Mumbai, to his self realization and his end–hanged as a repenting prisoner disowned by his land (Karachi, Pakistan) and guilty of committing mass-murder.


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Stuff: And I Woulda Gotten Away With It Too, If It Hadn’t Been For Those Newsies!

Newsies Musical

Are you three guys all trying to swat the same fly?

There’s a great deal of pop culture news that comes out every day. It piles up. Some sites want you to read individual posts with 600 words about a single C-list actress joining the sixteenth Saw movie or something. If that’s your thing, great. But the rest of us have lives–thus Stuff You Need to Know. Enjoy.

  • Interesting insight into what makes a Broadway musical…in this case, Disney was getting consistent nagging about creating a Newsies musical (based on the film) so that regional to amateur theatres could tackle it. So to get that money, they created the show, with the help of original composers Alan Menken and Jack Feldman and a book based on the script by…Harvey Fierstein (nice). It ran at the Paper Mill Playhouse in New Jersey and will wind up on Broadway in March. Set to run 101 episodes, expect it to extend its run. Apparently another Disney musical, the Peter Pan prequel, Peter and the Starcatcher, will hit in the spring. Source: Variety.
  • (more…)

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    Your Weekend Justice #102: It’s a Mixing Board. In Space.

    It’s Weekend Justice: the Internet’s #1 audio trainwreck. It’s the podcast that won’t stop FedExing ferrets to you. At work. This podcast was engineered–some might say over-engineered–by experts to escort you from the work week in the most chaotic manner possible. Please note: this podcast is profane, definitely oversexed and definitely overwrought. It is wrong and unsafe. You have been warned.


    I Heart You Peeps


    • The Irish Prince
    • Free stuff in cereal boxes
    • Florida politics
    • Leigh vs. mead
    • Vagina Peeps
    • Din and school supplies
    • Widge vs. his beer
    • Award discussions
    • Rox’s sketch winner
    • Euphemisms and mythology
    • Tatas in India
    • Din’s answer to Hooters
    • Leigh’s doctor visit
    • Book sculptures
    • Din’s Dog Latin version of UNKLE
    • Death of the Heroes
    • Don’t upgrade!
    • The Girl Who Cried Euphemism
    • (more…)

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    Rakta Charitra (2010) – Movie Review

    Rakta Charitra poster

    Written by: Prashant Pandey
    Directed by: Ram Gopal Varma
    Starring: Vivek Oberoi, Suriya, Shatrughan Sinha, Sudeep, Abhimanyu Singh, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Sushant Singh, Priyamani, Radhika Apte

    Rakta Charitra, based on the life of slain communist/Naxal/political leader/cabinet minister Paritala Ravi, is the latest offering of Ram Gopal Varma. The movie is being released in two parts: first tracing his growth and the next about his fall. The subject is bloody–just going by the trailers alone, this surely is not a movie for the faint hearted. This is one of the most violent movies coming out from the Hindi film industry. The movie almost manages to meet the expectation it has set through the trailers. However, falls short of being a classic, though it had all the ingredients for it!

    Rakta Charitra is the story of Pratap (Vivek Oberoi) who gets dragged into a family feud started by a political family (in Rayalaseema District of Andhra Pradesh, a south Indian state) which disowns his father and kills his father and brother. Once Pratap gets dragged into it, he transforms from being a normal college student into a bloodthirsty revenge-seeking son, who goes on a rampage, killing everyone involved in the deaths caused in his family. However, there is a big hurdle in the form of Bukka (Abhimanyu Singh), the nephew of the leader of the political family whom Pratap kills; he is now baying for Pratap’s blood. Bukka is a short-tempered man, who tortures and kills people at will, abducts and rapes women and stays out of the hands of police thanks to his money and political power. Shivaji (Shatrughan Sinha) is a leading film personality who steps into politics and tries to widen his base in Rayalaseema, but gets chased out of there by Bukka. Seething in anger, Shivaji seeks the help of Pratap, and offers him a post in his cabinet, with the condition of removing Bukka. How Pratap goes about doing it and how he rises up the ranks of both rowdyism in Andhra Pradesh and Shivaji’s cabinet along with the obstacles he faces is shown in this part of the story.


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    Peepli Live (2010) – Movie Review

    Peepli Live

    Written by: Anusha Rizvi
    Directed by: Anusha Rizvi & Mahmood Farooqui
    Starring: Omkar Das Manikpuri, Raghuvir Yadav, Shalini Vatsa, Farrukh Jaffar, Malaika Shenoy, Vishal Sharma, Nowaz

    The call to fame of Peepli Live? The production house it’s coming from: Aamir Khan Productions. Aamir, who over the recent years has become the most powerful star in Bollywood in terms of money earned by his films at the box office–and who has successfully ensured over this decade that any movie that has his name attached with it (either as an actor or producer), is a symbol of Good Quality. They have been consistently turning out to be big hits. Now, coming to Peepli Live, it is a satire on the life of Indian farmers and the pathetic state of the plans implemented by the government for their well being. Also targeted is the state of journalism in India. This continues Aamir’s dream run as a producer, as this is an extremely simple but very well made film.


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    Rann (2010) – Movie Review

    Rann movie poster

    Written by: Rohit G. Banawlikar with lyrics by Sarim Momin, Prashant Pandey, Sandip Singh & Vayu
    Directed by: Ram Gopal Varma
    Starring: Amitabh Bachchan, Ritesh Deshmukh, Mohnish Bahl, Paresh Rawal, Gul Panag

    Rann is produced and directed by Ram Gopal Varma (RGV), coming in after the disastrous Agyaat. Rann is a hard hitting take on the prevalent media, journalism and political system in India. It has a plethora of actors playing vital roles in the movie and it does sufficient justice to its theme. RGV seems to be completely in his element here and this movie is surely an engrossing affair.

    The story revolves around two news channels vying for the top spot in viewership and TRPs (Target or Television Rating Points). India 24X7 is headed by the morally upright Vijay Mallik (Amitabh Bachchan), who believes in getting the plain truth out to his audience. His news channel is in need of sponsors and money as they are losing viewership…given the fact that they don’t focus much on news sensationalism. He is supported by his son, Jay Mallik (Sudeep), who believes the news channel should be a source of good money irrespective of the correctness and truthfulness of the news being broadcasted. The other channel is Headlines 24X7, headed by Amrish (Monish Bhel), which believes more in making profits through sensationalism. In a desperate attempt to get his channel to gain more popularity and make money, Jay enlists the help of his industrialist brother-in-law, Naveen (Rajat Kapoor), and the corrupt opposition party leader with a criminal track record, Mohan Pandey (Paresh Rawal), to wrongfully accuse and charge the Prime Minister of masterminding a bombing–accomplishing this through news on his channel showing tampered evidence.


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    Loins of Punjab Presents (2007) – Movie Review

    Loins of Punjab Presents

    Written by: Manish Achraya & Anuvab Pal
    Directed by: Manish Achraya
    Starring: Shabana Azmi, Ajay Naidu, Ayesha Dharker, Michael Raimondi, Seema Rhamani

    Released by: IndiePix Films
    Region: 1
    Rating: NR
    Anamorphic: Yes

    My Advice: Good performances, but not as funny as one would like.

    Loins of Punjab Presents was released in 2007, directed and co-written by first-time director Manish Achraya, and is now out on DVD. This is a movie targeting the “multiplex audience.” (The term is used for a movie that appeals to a niche audience group and expects to recover its cost through a long run at the multiplex with limited shows. Basically it is not a mass movie, which releases in single screens and has huge number of shows in the multiplex thanks mainly to the actors involved, or due to the latest trend (such as the director involved with the project)). The movie is supposed to be a laugh riot, a parody on the reality show American Idol (which has its own version across countries, including Indian Idol in India). Does it deliver? Well, the movie is provocative and is slightly racist–the racism factor is used to get in few laughs, but overall the movie is strictly okay, thanks to good performances and few good moments which are really far and few in-between.


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    Your Weekend Justice #61: Adequate and Yet Awesome

    And we’re back. Please note: this podcast, if you haven’t figured it out, is profane and not safe for consumption by children or animals. Or sentient creatures of any sort. Or even cardboard boxes. Nothing. Nobody. Got it?


    Mazes and Monsters


    • iPad! Or…not!
    • Recreation
    • Widge and the Nazi DS
    • Gaming MILFs
    • Gaming secret origins
    • King of Kong
    • Rob doesn’t save Leigh’s kid
    • The cutthroat world of competitive Scrabble
    • Phalanx!
    • Hot Tub Time Machine
    • Lars Von Trier, Dick
    • Crispin Glover Returns!
    • Leigh is moving it. Or something.
    • Captain America
    • John Cusack, standoffish
    • Aaron likes getting wet
    • Ken Plume, Super Pimp
    • (more…)

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    Bollywood School to Hit UK

    Bollywood Calling DVD cover art

    I know I’ve said this in some of the reviews I’ve done of Bollywood films, but Bollywood films are awesome. For the most part, they follow certain patterns. They’re all around three hours long. They all have comic relief characters. They all have love triangles. They all…are musicals. It doesn’t matter what the genre: they’re all musicals. Oh, and they also have some of the most erotic sequences you’ve ever seen…where no one kisses. No joke.

    Now you too can learn the Bollywood style of acting, thanks to the offshoot of Mumbai’s Actor Prepares academy, which will be located in Ealing in the UK.

    You can read the full story here. But there is one thing you should know that might sell you on the notion of enrolling.


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    Asoka (2001) – DVD Review

    Asoka DVD


    Written by: Saket Chaudhary & Santosh Sivan, with dialogue by Abbas Tyrewala
    Directed by: Santosh Sivan
    Starring: Shahrukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Hrishitaa Bhatt, Ajit Kumar, Danny Denzongpa


    • Theatrical Trailer
    • Filmographies
    • Two featurettes: “The Making of Asoka” and “The Making of Asoka: The Big Fight”

    Released by: First Look
    Region: 1
    Rating: R
    Anamorphic: No.

    My Advice: Rent it.

    Asoka (Khan) is a warrior and a damn good one. He’s a prince of Magadha in the third century BCE, on the Indian subcontinent. History shows him to be the conqueror who laid down his sword and turned to Buddhism, eventually becoming responsible for spreading the belief system to the vast majority of Asia. Before he got to that point, though, this film provides a fictional background to support his conversion: due to circumstances involving a brother (Kumar) who wants him dead, Asoka must go into exile and renounce his title of prince. While living as a normal citizen, he runs into some more royalty on the lam: Princess Kaurwaki (Kapoor) and Prince Arya (Suraj Balaje) from Kalinga, who seek safety after witnessing their parents’ murder. Now with Asoka (calling himself “Pawan” after his horse) in their party, it’s only a matter of time before he finally wins over the heart of the princess–and sets down a path of much trouble.


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