Wayhomer Review #134: The Man With the Iron Fists

RZA is The Man With the Iron Fists

Episode #134 for The Man With the Iron Fists, in which our protagonist appreciates what happens when a true fan of a genre gets a hold of it, further appreciates fight choreography where you can see what the hell is happening, and shows great admiration for Russell Crowe's weapon of choice.
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Your Weekend Justice #178, A Subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company

It's Weekend Justice: the Internet's #1 audio trainwreck. It's the podcast that was also purchased this week by Disney for $1.45, two bags of Doritos and a half-eaten cinnamon roll. They'll be coming for you next.

Stevie Wonder: Master Blaster


  • Your sports talk
  • Scott returns and a revelation. Plus details.
  • Leigh's memory and context
  • Interpreting Shakespeare with sex toys
  • Dreamcasting Witchiepoo
  • Marvel, Lucas and lots and lots of money
  • Howard the Duck reborn?
  • DisneyWorld changes
  • Things the dog ate
  • The return of Jem plus chicks dressed as cats
  • Trick or treating and street candy
  • Xmas decorations. Yes, already.
  • Thanksgiving music
  • Crisis on Infinite Disney
  • Working Star Wars to Once Upon a Time
  • Walking Dead and the upcoming zombie apocalypse
  • Boardwalk Empire
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    32 Days of Halloween VI, Movie Night No. 32: You Know What Time It Is

    Duane Jones from Night of the Living Dead (1968)

    Year Six of 32 Days of Halloween has reached its close. Our special thanks to everybody who's contributed, suggested and just enjoyed this madness that we've been doing for six long years. As always, the final movie night goes to Night of the Living Dead, the original accept-no-remakes zombie film from the mind of George Romero classic. The film that pretty much defined the genre we all know and love. Without this film, you get no Shaun of the Dead, no Walking Dead, and none of your fun zombie video games. So show some respect, grab some popcorn and enjoy.

    Maybe we'll do this again next year.

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    32 Days of Halloween VI, Movie Night No. 31: The House That Dripped Blood

    House That Dripped Blood

    For a final night before we reach the Big One, it was hard to pick what to go with. Having hit most of the classics in one form or another, I opted for a cast that provided a serious bang for your buck. And hey, The House That Dripped Blood is an Amicus anthology film as well, so you get multiple stories in one. And with a cast that includes Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Jon Pertwee and Denholm Elliott...you are getting a great amount of bang. Not to mention it's scripted (mostly) by Robert Bloch. And do remember this: rubber vampire bats on strings mean never having to say you're sorry.

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    32 Days of Halloween VI, Day 31: Setting Horror to Music

    The Fly: The Opera

    So the news that a House of Wax musical from Tim Burton may have been in the works got me thinking about the drive to have the stage added to the Law of Relative Development...since practically everything is being prepped for a stage production these days. And I decided to go exploring. We've already talked about Carrie and Aliens on ice for example.

    We've also mentioned before The Fly: The Opera...the opera adaptation of the Cronenberg film which Cronenberg himself directed and Howard Shore wrote the music for. That was 2008...and they've never released a cast album. Back then there weren't really any videos of the songs...but here is a German documentary where they basically take you through an abridged version of the entire show. It looks bloody mental. Suggestion: skip forward a bit and then watch from about fifty minutes in on...because how many opportunities to you get to see a baritone Seth Brundle in full stage-Fly gear entering while crawling on the ceiling upside down? Oh, and singing all the while?

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    32 Days of Halloween VI, Movie Night No. 30: Not of This Earth (1957)

    Not of This Earth (1957)

    Tonight has been, in the long-standing history of 32 Days of Halloween, a night for vampires. And we're not going for your traditional bloodsuckers...instead we look to vampires from space! Because when your planet needs blood, send somebody out to get take out from the humans. Earth, a blood bank that's open 24/7. Such is the original Not of This Earth.

    What's weird is that while I knew this had been remade with Traci Lords in 1988...I had no idea it had been remade again in 1995 with Michael York of all people. Also in this original 1957 Corman-directed classic...Dick Miller. Of course.

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    32 Days of Halloween VI, Movie Night No. 29: The Phantom Planet

    Phantom Planet

    There needs to be a technical term for the weird feeling you get when reading a book that was set in the writer's future but now is in your past. For example, I Am Legend was published in 1954 and set in 1976. I was reading it for the first time in the mid-1990s. That feeling. You can get a version of that feeling--but with hilarious results--when watching tonight's pick (brought to you despite many attempts by the power grid to stop us) Phantom Planet from 1961. It's not even the weird and glorious retro costumes and sets--it's the amazing dialogue. Apart from it being, you know, terrible...I think there should be some sort of drinking game for every time somebody throws out a technical term like "recording reproduction unit." Enjoy. And try not to get too plastered.

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    32 Days of Halloween VI, Movie Night No. 28: House of Usher (1960)

    House of Usher (1960): Vincent Price and Mark Damonq

    Yes, we posted the trailer last year but now it's time to enjoy the entirety of Roger Corman's take on House of Usher from 1960. The first of Corman's series of films based on (but more simply "inspired by" as time went on) Poe, it has many things to commend it: an awesome array of costumes and sets that are 60s-horror-cinematastic; the script by Richard Matheson; and Vincent Price rocking the role of Roderick with so much gravitas it's amazing any light could escape. Fun as hell, it's amazing--even knowing that it's Corman--that it was shot in fifteen days. (That fact per Wikipedia, which is always right.) Enjoy.

    Update: The full film is gone, so we'll drop back to the trailer and punt...

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    32 Days of Halloween VI, Movie Night No. 27: Konga


    Well, previously on Movie Night #27, we've checked out films about evil women and evil children. But I couldn't find anything this year that really made the grade. So when all else fails, you can always fall back on Mad Science. Here we have Konga--and Michael Gough as a scientist that creates a giant ape and decides to use it as a weapon against the people who have wronged him. And of course, this is Gough--who most of you know only as Alfred from the Tim Burton Batman movies. Here he is a perfect mad scientist.

    And Konga starred in a Charlton Comics adaptation that spun off into an actual twenty-three issue run. Go figure. Anyway, enjoy. And also: science.

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    32 Days of Halloween VI, Movie Night No. 26: Twitch of the Death Nerve

    Twitch of the Death Nerve

    It's Mario Bava Night here at 32 Days of Halloween and we're watching Twitch of the Death Nerve (although it's shown here under the alternate title of A Bay of Blood). The film that launched a thousand slasher flicks--watch the murders in this film and you'll get the funny feeling you've seen them before. That's right: the old "Spear Through the Copulating Couple" (not a euphemism) trick started here. It apparently was way ahead of its time because although it flopped and flopped again, it's still got better makeup and dialogue than some of its progeny today. Go figure.

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