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This Just In: More Saturday Morning Cartoons

Even old as I am, I still miss the notion of Saturday morning cartoons. Kids just don’t understand the pleasure of waking up early on Saturdays to plop down eagerly in front of showsthat you could only catch once a week, but we...

1969: Saturday Mornings on ABC, Oh Boy!

Saturday Morning Blog is back again, trying to recreate the Saturday mornings of yesteryear. We've logged previous entries in this series here and here. This time, it's 1969 and on ABC they had all kinds of crazy crap--including a Hardy Boys...

Turbo Teen: I Was a Teenage Corvette

Screenhead points out the intro to the 80s cartoon Turbo Teen as an example of automotive lycanthropy. As for us, we think somebody took this idea, swizzled it a bit, and ran with it. Direct link for the feedreaders.