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Headsup: Of Chipmunks, Ponies and Zombies

It’s sort of impossible not to like Paul Newman. And I’m not just talking about the fact his brand offers up some killer salsa. I mean that he’s been in so many great movies, it’s sort of silly to call anyone a...

Kandor to Make Appearance on Smallville!

Okay, no, admittedly: while Kandor has been mentioned on the show, this isn’t it. This isn’t even a tiny city. It’s the work of Enoki Chu, entitled “RPM-1200”. It apparently stands eleven feet tall and is...

Coming Soon to Smallville: Starro!

You thought that Supergirl was the only impending bit from the comics to make its way to the small screen. Oh no no. Everybody's favorite world-beating starfish is getting the Smallville treatment.