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Peace. Love. Bacon.

If there’s a movement we can get behind (besides the FSM, naturally) it’s seeking world peace through the consumption of pork. In fact, you can show your support with your own bacon wristband. Excellent! Found via Slashfood.

Sweet Meats: Plush Meat!

These plush meat toys are just so terribly twisted. We agree with the folks at Slashfood, where we found this: a kid with a plush steak in lieu of a teddy bear? Adorable!

I Am Incorrigible

Well, it is National Hamburger Month, after all. Men of the world, come together, break some shit and declare your love for beastflesh on a bun. This is a hell of a lot better than waking up with that sociopathic King, that’s for damn...

Celebrate the Hamburger

May is National Hamburger Month. Every month is hamburger month as far as we’re concerned, but if you need an excuse to eat something that once had a face encased in a lovely bun, we say go for it. Blame us. We’re cool with that...

Now Tell Sam I Am to Bring on the Eggs

While I’m sure Dindrane has these little glowing guys down for some part of her Master Plan, I’m sure I speak for Siege and myself when I point out that they have faces, so we’re obliged to put them on a bun and give them a...