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Wayhomer Review #5: Sherlock Holmes

Episode #5 for Sherlock Holmes, in which our protagonist shouts above his car’s heater, discusses the finer points of the synopsis, and hates on the movie Revolver. And also talks a bit about this movie, too.

Wayhomer Review #4: Avatar

Episode #4, in which our protagonist makes it through Cameron’s return to feature film-dom without his bladder exploding, gets smacked in the face by the Message, and crawls through traffic.

Wayhomer Review #3: The Princess and the Frog

Episode #3, in which our protagonist faces off with Disney‘s return to 2D animation, discusses farting insects and pontificates briefly about underestimating kids. Direct link for the feedreaders. Previous episode found here.

Wayhomer Review #1: Planet 51

So a new idea sprang up here at the Needcoffee HQ, from the mind of Thespia. You see, every time I leave the cinema after seeing a film, I always expound a bit on what I’ve seen to whoever’s around. Thespia’s idea was to...