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Lord of the Rings: Ring Wraith and Horse (2001) – Toy Review

Lord of the Rings: Ring Wraith and Horse in box


Produced by Toy Biz

  • Comes with sword and working scabbard
  • Wraith’s right arm has “Sword-Slashing” action
  • Horse’s eyes light up red when reigns pulled
  • Horse’s legs produce “galloping action”

Asking Price: US$32.99
My Advice: Own It.

[ad#longpost]They are known as Nazgul, the Black Riders, the Ring Wraiths: formerly human kings corrupted and transformed by the evil Sauron to be his deathless servants. In their dark robes and armor, their form is invisible. But those who gaze into their cowls still feel the horror of seeing the face of the unspeakable. Riding their black horses, they hunt for the One Ring, allowing nothing and no one stopping them in their task. The foolish mortals of Toy Biz have attempted to recreate the terrible visage of the Ring Wraiths and their steeds in simple plastic and cloth. But even the Nine have to admit that Toy Biz have done a remarkable job.

When you examine these figures, the detailing will totally blow you away. The horse has a full saddle and bridle set along with stirrups. Even the muscles are well-defined. With its red eyes glowing and teeth bared when you pull the reins, it looks like it could tear the flesh out of some poor hobbit. The Ring Wraith is similarly well made. The robes are made of actual cloth, frayed and coarse to suggest centuries of use. The cowl is plastic only because there is no head to form a cowl around (The Nazgul are invisible remember). A special detail is that the bottom of the robe as well as the legs of the horse is spattered with mud (from when they tracked the hobbits to the mud-soaked town of Bree). The armor of the Ring Wraith has all the ridges seen in the movie, suggesting that the Ring Wraiths are agile as well as strong.

Lord of the Rings: Ring Wraith and Horse

The figures are articulated well. The Wraith has points of articulations in its elbows, shoulders, wrists, waist, hips and knees. The horse has them in its neck, legs, ankles, and front knees. The Wraith can be easily posed standing or mounted on its horse, its blade slashing, (the motion caused by a button in its back) ready to ride. The horse can be in full gallop or rearing, its legs flailing (the motion also caused by a special button) about to crush some poor unfortunate soul. Yes, the Ring Wraiths are evil, but let’s be honest. Evil is cool. So is this figure set. Buy it.

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