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Halo Action Figures, Series 2 (2003) – Toy Review

Halo action figure: Master Chief red

Master Chief (green):
Master Chief (red):

Produced by JoyRide Studios


  • The Elite comes with a plasma rifle and needler
  • The Ghost comes with an Elite pilot, a Master Chief mini-figure with assault rifle and another Covenant combatant with figure base, shield and pistol
  • The green Master Chief comes with a rocket launcher, shotgun and pistol
  • The red Master Chief comes with an assault rifle, shotgun and pistol

Asking Price: Varies.
My Advice: Fans must own.

[ad#longpost]Ah, Halo. People the Widgeman knows have had many an hour siphoned out of their lives by this game. In fact, Bailey’s invited me over to his place a couple of times so he can kick my ass at the game and feel better about his own prowess. To me, it’s a lot like the old arcade game Defender–too many damn buttons. But I’m sure if I had the time to invest in the damn thing, it would be very rewarding.

JoyRide is here to help my pathetic ass out. Instead of having to deal with a controller and having to some how know what color a button is with my thumbs, for crying out loud, I can instead check out these cool action figure versions of things.

Let’s start off with the two Master Chief figures. Each comes with a pretty impressive sixteen points of articulation (ankles, knees, hips, waist, shoulders, upper arms, elbows, wrists and neck). They’re in flat out the body armor from the game, from what I can tell. I can’t see where they missed anything, personally, and even if I had no familiarity with the game at all they’d still be pretty cool. The visors for each are a deep orange-gold and reflective and the hands can grasp the weapons fairly well. The only difference between the two figures are obviously the color and the weapons. The weapons have some great detail to them–same as the figures, who have worn and damaged bits in their armor. But the weapons look pretty sweet. Each comes with the ginormous shotgun as well as the evil looking pistol players of the game know and love, while Mr. Green comes with a double-barreled rocket launcher and Mr. Red comes with an assault rifle. They’re easy to pose and easy to setup with massive firepower. So that’s a bonus.

Halo action figure: Master Chief red

The Elite warrior is just flat out wicked. Decked out in body armor and with his two evil looking weapons, it’s a formidable figure. I also like that some attention was paid to the texture of the warrior’s skin–nice sickly scales. Well done. This comes with eight points of articulation (upper chest, shoulders, upper arms, wrists and neck). The only problem I had with this figure was getting it to stand up–since he’s so hunched over perpetually, it’s hard to get him balanced to where he doesn’t fall right on his ugly face. Granted, once you get him there he stays, but it just seemed to take me an inordinate amount of time. Or maybe the coffee’s weak today, who knows?

Lastly, the Ghost toy–which is more akin to a playset than just a figure. The Ghost hovervehicle itself looks quite nice with its metallic purple paintjob and the decals. The cannons swivel up and down just a bit as well. The Elite warrior that comes driving this thing has two points of articulation at the shoulders and he fits in the “saddle” perfectly. The Master Chief mini-figure can as well (once he takes out Elite-guy with his assault rifle which, impressively, the little guy can hold no problem). Also impressive is the level of articulation in this diminutive warrior: ten. That’s right: knees, hips, waist, shoulders, elbows and neck. Nicely done. It also retains pretty much the look and feel of the much larger Master Chiefs as well. So high marks there. Also, there’s another alien warrior with shield and pistol (and stand), and his shoulders articulate. The neck looks like it wants to as well, but I couldn’t move it at all, really.

Basically, if you’re a fan of the game, or, honestly, if you just like cool sci-fi military toys and you don’t know dick about the game, these are right up your alley. The attention to detail is refreshing and the quality is high.

Additional pics below.

Halo action figure: Ghost Halo action figure: Elite
Halo action figure: Master Chief green

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