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Last Exile OST: Dolce Triade – Music Review

Last Exile OST: Dolce Triade

Label: Pioneer

Last Exile is one of the best anime series to come along in years, and part of that success is the music. Beginning with the Celtic-inspired pipes of the fantastic opening theme “Cloud Age Symphony,” this disc is a winner start to finish. The flute and strings of “A Morning in Norkia” are worth the cost of the disc by themselves–but don’t miss the sweet, John Lennonesque “Skywriting.” “Hello, Kitty Girl” has real personality between the flute and the bass notes, and hitomi’s voice is always welcome, as here in “Requiem in the Air.” The lyrics for songs with words are provided, along with English translations. Like the show, some pieces are dreamy, some are more made for action, and some are just ancient and wonderful. Whether or not you’ve seen the show (and you really should see it!), you should give this disc a shot. Instrumental fans won’t be disappointed, and fans of vocal tunes will be won over with the very first strains of “Cloud Age Symphony.”

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  • hey is there anyway you can get eather the code for cloud age symphony so i can put it on my web page??? even better would be if it was with the video….. please help i am in love with this song