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The Friday Timesuck

In case you were actually trying to be productive at work this week, mayhap you missed out on some mayhem. Never fear, here’s a roundup of some of the best and most disturbed that were chronicled here during the week so you can pretty much blow some time. It is Friday, after all.

Doc was on hand to remind the literate among you about National Poetry Month.
There’s the creepy female robot head soon to become a super-villain in the DC Universe.
The lovely essay regarding the 25 Greatest Moments in Sesame Street, which is necessary since cookies can only be eaten in moderation now, for crying out loud.
We tried to compile our favorite April Fools links, and life wouldn’t be complete without some crazed quizzes to waste your time.

But the winner goes to Siege for posting the Kitten Cannon. Nothing quite like a meowing projectile, is there? (Sorry, Din.)