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Mr. T Back in Comics: The Original Lord of the Bling Returns

Mr. T #1 from AP Comics

When we first heard about this project, we couldn’t decide if the folks behind it were brilliant or cracked. Or both. But in an industry where Blue Beetle’s getting shot in the head and spending four issues uselessly flogging the Avengers into quitting are both considered genius moves, we’ll give anything new the benefit of the doubt.

Thus, coming out on Mr. T’s birthday (5/21) is Mr. T #1 from AP Comics which promises to have the 80s icon delivering massive beatdowns to the deserving. Neil Edwards is providing the artwork, and Chris Bunting, who our readers across the pond will know from writing Action Man and The Lexian Chronicles, is scribing this.

For more info and a glimpse of the art, check it out here. We’ll advise of the cracked/brilliant factor as soon as we know more.