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The Friday Timesuck

Well, let’s see. For those of you who fell asleep during the week, here are some necessary links so we know you didn’t miss them.

We’ve got two new contests up, for Long-View and The Untold Tales of FDR.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide movie is going to suck, but this should not be news to anyone.

And a couple of very, very cool designs smacking Star Wars geeks and the music industry are must haves.

The big thing in the Gabfest is that we’ve lost our minds and started playing a variation of 1000 Blank White Cards called “Hail Discordia! The CCG”. You can see the rules and credits here and we’ve got the ongoing game here.

There’s a rant/manifesto/post about starting your own revolution that I think everybody, especially artists, need to read. Oh, and whining Trekkies, Paramount wants you to get a grip (and so do I).

That’s it. That’s our rhyme. There’s more cool stuff going on on the site, but that should get you started on catching up.