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Greetings, Tennessee Valley

Test pattern

For those of you who are not in the Tennessee Valley, you can feel free to skip over this. I just did an appearance on one of the local channels there and they broadcast the URL to the four winds.

So I posted something over on One Tusk to try and point people the right direction, but since they plugged this URL and not One Tusk, to all of you folks in the Valley:


How are you?

Nice shirt.

If you want the zany, irreverent, pop culture website that was mentioned, you’ve come to the right place. If you want the darker, odder, more literary things that I do under my “John Robinson” pseudonym, you can go over here instead.

Okay, we join this mayhem already in progress.


  • Wait, you did an appearance on TV or radio here in the Huntspatch area? And DIDN’T TELL ME SO I COULD LISTEN?

  • I’m no better looking on TV than I am in person. You did yourself a favor by missing it, I’m sure.