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The Friday Timesuck

Hudson flips out

Contests and more contests are the big thing we have going on. So if you haven’t signed up, feel free to do so. But just do it once, okay? Good God, like Paul [last name withheld]…you didn’t think we wouldn’t catch you and your fifteen entries and delete fourteen of them? Who do you think you’re playing with here, huh? We’re caffeinated. Don’t screw with us.

There’s also the Schism between ourselves at the Catholic Church, headed up by Pope Hieronymous I and his staff, among them Gangsta Cardinal G Unidentified Madman. So we’re all going to hell not just for that…but also the fine Pope H gear we have in our CafePress store.

Oh, and we had an official announcement for something a lot of people had been asking about.

And the first Hail Discordia/Discardia game came to a close with Doc’s memorable play of a Private Hudson card.

As for Gabfest tomfoolery, we’d like to draw your attention to Dionne Warwick’s latest web presence, the deathmatch we’ve all been waiting for, a serious (okay, no) discussion of the size of God, why the Left Behind books are secretly hilarious, the non-demise of Loonatics, and toys that hit way too close to home for a lot of us.

Oh, and finally on a more serious note: a thread on a topic that affects us all: bologna legalization.

That’s it. You’re welcome.