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Untold Tales of FDR #3 (of 3)

Time for the third and final reveal.

What we learned recently is that the U.S. government worked out a deal to acquire the plans for Father Ermetti’s Chronovisor time machine, and used them to work out a way to bring legends from the past into the present. They did this in response to the temporal arms race set off by the Nazis in World War II, who managed to ally themselves with Thulsa Doom in 1948 C.E.

The Americans, in a project led by…that’s right: FDR…were able to retrieve Conan the Barbarian from his own time and bring him forward to fight the combined forces of Nazi Germany and Doom. This helped bring about the true end of the second World War in 1951.

Our makeshift playset of the Talking FDR and Conan goes to Sandy Okstad of Minnesota.

And I know you’re thinking…wait, FDR died in 1945! Ah, that’s what you think. Maybe someday we’ll have even more…UNTOLD TALES OF FDR.