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Basara, Vol. 1 – Manga Review

Basara Vol. 1

When you read as much manga as I do, it’s not often that a new title makes you salivate, much less weep with despair when you realize another volume won’t be out for another two months. Basara is such a title.

An apocalypse in the early 21st century turned the world into a vast desert, and Japan is now ruled by the bloodthirsty sons of a tyrant king. Hope still lives for the downtrodden people, however: a rebel chieftain has sired twins, and the prophet Nagi declares one of them, assumed to be the male Tatara, to be the “Child of Destiny.” Upon Tatara’s death at the hands of the Red King, Tatara’s sister takes up his name, his legend, and his gender to prove that she is the real Child of Destiny. But can just plain Sarasa, who was never trained to lead, really pretend to be her brother, usher in a new age, and topple an empire?

Part science-fiction, part romance, part mystery, and all adventure, Basara is the title to woo any manga fan. If you enjoy manga, but especially if you think manga and comics are for kids, then for all that’s holy, give this one a try.

Just remember, bears no responsibility for any legal fees incurred when you start sending threatening letters to the Viz translators to get them to hurry up. (Vol. 11’s out, so catch up…and then wait, because then there’s sixteen to go.)

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