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DVD Headsup: New Anime

New anime? Sure. Here ya go.

Appleseed. Some genres of film just cry out for gumbo. This Geneon release is a perfect example, since anime wants to get bigger and bolder and wilder. Well, okay, not every slice of anime, but the crazed mega-scifi contingent is game. You know what I’m saying. Here you get post-apocalyptic notions, clones, guns, mecha, cyborgs, guns, and a badass soldier chick who’s the star. It’s the military vs. the government for the Appleseed technology with our heroes caught in the middle. Oh, and guns. Love it! Comes with a director and producer commentary, music and scene cues and staff profiles. Streeted 5/10. (US)(CAN)

Elfen Lied, Vol. 1: The First Vector. Proving yet again that no good deed goes unpunished, two students find a woman washed up on a beach. Well, scratch that, she’s not a woman technically, she’s a diclonius. Is that bad? Well, yes, because those are mutants that are here to replace mankind. Oh, and she’s got a split personality. And…um, she can screw with matter. So that’s…pretty damn bad. And of course, with that setup, what is there to say, but “hijinks ensue.” This ADV release comes with the first four episodes, clean opening and closing animation, along with character and production artwork. Streeted 5/17. (US)(CAN)

Full Metal Panic FUMOFFU, Vol. 1: Full Metal Pandemonium. Let’s see…one version of this release has girls in bikinis and the other has girls in school uniforms. Wonder what demographic they’re going for. Hmmm. Anyway, this second series comes back with more action and comedy, as a likeable but militaristic whackjob tries to keep a high school safe from…oh, terrible things like love letters and watermelons. Long story. Anyway, this ADV release comes with three episodes, a featurette, clean opening and closing animation, original Japanese TV spots, character artwork and a board game. Streeted 5/10. (US)(UK)(CAN)

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  • Full Metal Panic? Appleseed? Why are you reading this–you should be at the stores spending your hard-earned money, people! These are some great titles!