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DVD Headsup: TV Sets

Want some TV boxed action? Of course you do.

ER: The Complete Third Season. You know, there’s plenty of shows that have outstayed their welcome on television. And it saddens me every time I see an ad on TV for this week’s “special episode of ER.” It’s become a soap opera so bad that even soap stars are like, “Eh. Right.” However, thanks to Warner Home Video, you can get the early years, back before it started to suck so bad that not even light could escape. This third season set comes with all twenty-two episodes across six discs, deleted scenes, a gag reel, a featurette centered around the nurses, a featurette on the episode “Fear of Flying,” and more. Check out the official site. Streeted 4/26. (US)(UK)(CAN)

Fat Actress: The Complete First Season. Say what you want about Kirstie Alley. But it takes some balls to face up to what’s essentially been a parade of tabloid publicity, come to terms with what they’re on about, and then turn that into a TV series on Showtime. And no, the new Britney reality TV show doesn’t count. For anything. Here, Alley’s playing a fictional version of herself trying to make it in Hollywood after having put on a few extra pounds. The series has guest appearances by a slew of folks and comes, with all seven episodes, on a two-disc set. You also get set footage, footage from the premiere party, deleted scenes, and audio commentary on the first four episodes. Streeted 5/24. (US)(CAN)

The Waltons: The Complete Second Season Richard Thomas, who will remain John Boy Walton until the day he dies, heads up the cast in this set from Warner Video, which tells the continuing story of his life growing up with the family during the Depression. This set contains all twenty-four episodes from season number two across five discs. It includes the Emmy-winning episode “The Thanksgiving Story,” as well. There’s also guest stars like Sissey Spacek, Wilford Brimley, John Ritter and Ron Howard. Streeted 4/26. (US)(UK)(CAN)