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Dads and Otakus Rejoice and Be Glad

(Don’t ask–the image seemed to be the closest thing we could find that incorporated both ideas.)

Okay, so more winners here:

Appleseed DVDs are going to go out to:

Jamie Baggett of Georgia
Joey Cody of Tennessee
Paula Hafner of Virginia
Jill Klein of Nevada
Anthony Petralia of Minnesota

And, we’re going to skip ahead so we can shove these out the door, here are the Father’s Day winners, who get those sweet stacks of DVDs for the dads in their lives. Or, you know, they could just keep them for themselves. We care not:

Jill Argue of Arizona
Tandrea Louis of Alabama
Cindy Smith of Quebec
Karen Smith of Michigan
Grover Williams of Maine

So that’s it. More’s coming.