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The Friday Timesuck

Staggering towards another weekend we find ourselves, so that must mean it’s time to screw with your Friday, hmmm? Okay.

First up, enter our Reno 911 Contest. More are coming, so don’t get behind.

On our sister site, Red Nose Net, we’ve been following closely a few stories. Like the various salutes to George Lucas. And ongoing mockery of Tom Cruise’s meltdown.

On the Gabfest side of things, there’s the Esquire Declaration of Independence from oppressive wanks like the FCC. The return of Roger Waters to Pink Floyd, even for a single performance, spawning a musical end times Great Debate helmed by Tuffley. There’s also the best use for chocolate we’ve seen in a while.

Beyond that, a new episode of Something Else is live.

Enjoy, you mad weasels.