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The Friday Timesuck

Okay, we skipped last week because I was traveling. But here you go.

Highlights from this week include the review of the drink I brought back, Rob’s latest episode of The Curmudgeon, and the ongoing saga of the Lost Liberty Hotel.

In the Gabfest, some highpoints from this past week include: the mother of all spud guns, a space race, an orgami Enigma machine (not the band), the return (sorta) of Phil K. Dick, everyone ruining their pants over the King Kong trailer, a crazed guy who’s doing a stuffed animal a day for a year, the game Doc wants even more than the head of Joel Schumacher on a pike, an unfortunate side effect of getting blasted with cosmic energy to get superpowers, an inspection of the cash necessary to be Batman, the continuing saga of the Global Frequency TV pilot, we try to figure out who unleashed the hemadrones, and…zombie dogs!

Over on One Tusk, like I said, I was supposedly on vacation, so check out my travel blog and laugh at my suffering.

Over on Red Nose, make sure you haven’t missed our exploration of flag-burning amendment/law hacking, our new favorite explanation for the creation of the universe, how eBay can be used as a tool for revenge, and the latest on Tom Cruise’s very public meltdown.

Okay, that’s it. I’m tired now. Away with you.