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War of the Worlds (2005) – 27 Second Review

War of the Worlds movie poster

Written by: Joseph Friedman & David Koepp, based on the novel by H.G. Wells
Directed by: Steven Spielberg
Starring: Tom Cruise, Dakota Fanning, Tim Robbins, Justin Chatwin, Miranda Otto

Review: Spielberg brought us a walking scrotum that heals with a touch, some human abductors who play the trombone, and communication through mashed potatoes. Honestly, for all I know this movie might have sucked horribly, I didn’t notice. Because of all that goes BOOM! Hahaha! BOOM! Just like that! Go see what it truly means to rip them a new asshole! Hahahahaha! BOOM!

Time: 18 seconds (more or less…my stopwatch went BOOM! Mahahaha!)

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