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Two More Winners

Okay, told you there would be more. First up, the World Mystery Box Contest. We had entries from everywhere and lots of them. But the Canadians overwhelmed everyone. We had so many entries from Canada, I think they mandated it so that everybody from north of the border had to enter. I have no idea. But it’s cool regardless. So, yes, Karyn Lemberg of British Columbia gets the Mystery Box.

Oh, and thanks to everybody from the States who were confused about what country they lived in and entered despite the page saying it was for everybody else. We can’t get really mad at you, public schools being in the shape they’re in. Of course your geography-fu is going to suck. But you amused us, so thanks for that.

And while we’re at it, bestow praise upon Ray Davison of Georgia. He won that copy of the movie White Noise.

Okay, as you were.