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DragonCon 2005 Prize Frenzy: Anchor Bay

It’s our very own Rox. She’s such a masochist, she digs having just won a copy of the Hanson album. The poor thing.

Anchor Bay provided us with some amazingly sweet swag. Check out these winners of the third season of Greatest American Hero. At the bottom there on the left is a guy who’s using his super speed to try and obscure his identity so that–oh, well, okay, we’re making that part up. But to his right is B-Naut, who actually got up and sang the theme song to be a winner. No beat boxing on his version though. Next year. Next year.

This pic just disturbs me for some reason. Can’t quite put my finger on it.

This young lady won two Mister Rogers DVDs, A Day at the Circus and Adventures in Friendship. Probably the nicest, most family friendly thing on hand during the evening. I’m amazed they didn’t implode.


UMD prizes were to be had as well–why just sit at home and watch movies? Why not go out into the wide, wondrous and beautiful world…and watch movies on your PSP. These two blokes are sporting newly-won copies of the UMDs of Evil Dead and Time Bandits.

This young lady won a copy of the complete series of Profit by performing a dramatic reading of the blurb on the back of the box. We were all positively transfixed by her stunning rendition. I understand she is currently doing a tour of Europe reading the backs of cereal boxes. Playing to packed houses, even. Nice work if you can get it.

Many thanks to Anchor Bay Entertainment for giving us so much wonderful swag to smack people with. Visit their website to feel the love here.