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Gleukos: Cutting Out the Middle Man for Stimulation

Well, this sounds fascinating. Picked this up from Energy Fiend: Gleukos is a new energy drink that skips the part where your body breaks the sugar down and instead it’s formulated to go straight to your bloodstream and muscles. So it’s supposed to be instant energy. Press release is here. And their website is here.

And if that’s not enough, they’re going to make powder available so you can mix your own. Ka-razy.

Of course, the teasing bastards are selling them exclusively at 7-11 stores. And Coast City has none. So stay tuned. We will find some of this stuff.



  • I’ve tried the stuff and it is awesome. I have now switched from Gatorade because it was hard on my stomach. Gleukos goes straight to your muscles almost immediately. Good for last mile push.

  • Gleukos, if you can find it, is definitely the way to go. I am sure the gator and power ades of the world will try to squash it, but if you try it once, you will swear by it. Right now, bike sites have it. Go figure! Get it while you can and stockpile!!